by damaris 22 Jan 2011

I can't move designs from my computer to a CD anymore. Is there something I can get that's inexpensive to do this. I'm on a very limited income thank you


by peggy 23 Jan 2011

external hard drive, holds so much you can back up thousands of files.

by barba 22 Jan 2011

I had mine stop working once and it was a glich in the computer at start up. Tech said to go into control panel, then click on device manager, then click on the cd drive and then click on delete or uninstall. When asked if you want to delete this drive click on yes. Close out of device manager and control panel and restart your computer. This will require your computer to locate and install the required cd driver and hopefully this time it will work. This happens sometimes and my tech said this usually fixes the problem. Best of luck!

by danababes 22 Jan 2011

I'm going to ask the obvious....why?

Did your cd burner stop working suddenly? Its not very often that a burner (cd or cd/dvd drive) physically fails. Its usually a software/driver problem. You may be able to get it working again by using system restore to undo the last change you made (to your computer) before the drive stopped working. Eg go back 2 days and see if that fixes the drive. If not you can undo the restore you just tried and either try another restore point, or check your device manager (start-control panel-system - click the hardware tab - click the device manager button) if there is a problem with your cd burner, then there will be a ! next to it and you can figure out how to fix it from there (with help from a Cutie if you're not sure how).

Quite often there was a program installed which changed settings and confused your computer and if so this wont cost you anything but time to figure out what's gone wrong. HTH :) xXx

by kttyhwk4 22 Jan 2011

See that you've gotten very good answers so how about another *

by capoodle 22 Jan 2011

If you prefer CD's you can get a Refurbished External Burner at Best Buy for $29.99. They show two listed. Refurbished items still come with all the guarantees of a new item and I have used refurbished products without andy problem. They plug into your USB port.

by buffeebabee 22 Jan 2011

A flash drive is a small portable hard drive that plugs into one of the USB ports on your computer. You just download to that drive or copy from your computer to that drive. Very easy to use. Great for storing files. I buy them at Kmart, Big Lots, Walmart, Sams, Office Depot, etc. Nanc

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damaris by damaris 22 Jan 2011

thank I will check it out

by mad14kt 22 Jan 2011

Have you tried Walmart or Ebay, they have them, IHTH ;D *2U

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damaris by damaris 22 Jan 2011

thank you

by g3mwgb 22 Jan 2011

Try a thumb drive they are fairly inexpensive and you can get a 4g for around $10 - lots of room...

damaris by damaris 22 Jan 2011

What is it and where do I get it? thanks

lcoste by lcoste 23 Jan 2011

Walmart, KMart, Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot, Lots of sizes from 1g to 20g