by shadoe 18 Jan 2011

Hi I seem to be having a problem with the cuties valentine design,when I download the Font F i keep getting the E has anyone else had a problem?Thanks Jane


by leenova54 19 Jan 2011

Yes, I think the problem was in the Pes format and she will fix it.

by shadoe 19 Jan 2011

I tried the other format and it did work/Thanks so much/Jane

by gerryb 18 Jan 2011

I checked the HUS format & it's an F. If you can use the hus, download it.

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by sewmom 18 Jan 2011

I haven't checked because I need to convert the pes to a lower version to read them.

Ok I checked, yes my F is an E.

Darlingwife know of the problem and will work on it.

by kttyhwk4 18 Jan 2011

Try the other format