by smoke1275 18 Jan 2011

A Wetwipe cover I made for a friends child who has cerebral palsy, my design. I put a big keyring on so he can undo it by himself.


by rmj8939 19 Jan 2011

How nice of you and I am sure he will use it and think of you.

by leenova54 19 Jan 2011

Very thoughtful! You will be rewarded.

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smoke1275 by smoke1275 19 Jan 2011

I got a very pleased thankyou from him, a big smile!

by castelyn 19 Jan 2011

What a lovely gift. *4u - hugs Yvonne

by sewdeb 18 Jan 2011

Lovely and such a kind, thought gift.

by shirlener88 18 Jan 2011

Great work *4U

by oaro 18 Jan 2011

nice gift

by noah 18 Jan 2011

That was very kind of you may God bless you back 100 fold .I am sure he will love it carolyn

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smoke1275 by smoke1275 18 Jan 2011

He does and this has made him less embarrised and more independent.