by nisemck 18 Jan 2011

This is a T shirt dress I made for my granddaughter, she loves Barbie as much as I do :0) I digitized the barbie applique


by ramona 18 Jan 2011

This is adorable. Great job! You should share that applique on Designs by Cuties. Thanks for sharing.

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nisemck by nisemck 18 Jan 2011

How do you share?

by pldc 18 Jan 2011

oh this is sew cute! she'll wear it out!*4u

by castelyn 18 Jan 2011

Looks Great, well done *4u Hugs Yvonne

by rusimmons 18 Jan 2011

Very cute. Been thinking of making a T shirt dress for myself to wear in our hot summers here in Texas.

by joanne8125 18 Jan 2011

Welcome to cute. I love this, you did a great job

by marietta 18 Jan 2011

This is so cute, bet she loves it to bits. Well done

by noah 18 Jan 2011

Wow your good!!!I love it!!carolyn

by shirlener88 18 Jan 2011

nisemck, WELCOME to the CUTE family - I like your digitized barbie applique - very clever - you Grand will adore this t-shirt dress. *4U

by clawton 18 Jan 2011

That makes a nice outfit.

by oaro 18 Jan 2011

Nice job

by milas 18 Jan 2011

Very pretty T shirt!!!

by leenova54 18 Jan 2011

That is adorable! Great job, you have a very luck granddaughter! The Barbie ponytail head is sweet! Welcome to cute!

by lflanders 18 Jan 2011

This is adorable! You just gave me a greatidea also! I have a 6 yr old great grand daughter that thinks she is a diva. I know she would love something like this to wear in the summer. She is a very beautiful and sweet little girl but she is a "girly girl"! You did a great job on this!

by jayce 18 Jan 2011

How lovely, any little girl would love this

by sewhappyinstitches 18 Jan 2011

What a great idea! My granddaughter would love this! I have to try this! Thanks for sharing~

by gransmtk 18 Jan 2011

This is so cute, I whish I could do something like this for my GD! Your GD will love this!

by airyfairy 18 Jan 2011

I also see you are very new - Welcome to Cute.

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nisemck by nisemck 18 Jan 2011

Thank you!

by airyfairy 18 Jan 2011

Very Cute - she will love it - as I do.