by cicadamn 17 Jan 2011

I think I may be losing it?? I live in South Africa and it is very hot and humid at the moment. Last night I sprayed myself against Mosquito bites with Spray on stick instead of the mozzi repellan


by danababes 19 Jan 2011

lol - human sticky mozzie trap (like those sticky papers heh). Man that stuff is hard to get off hoops & hands tho, hope it wasnt too painful removing it (and scraping off the stuck bugs lol).

40ÂșC here today - too hot for mozzies :) xXx

by gerryb 18 Jan 2011

That's funny. But you're not alone in grabbing the wrong container! My mom once was in hurry to get to work & instead of hair spray, grabbed the foaming bathroom cleaner! Needless to say, we are still laughing.

by moyed 18 Jan 2011

Hopefully you are OK, now. We are laughing with you as we have all done something weird, whether Blond or not. Metholated spirits mixed with water in a spray is a good insect repellant too.
We are very lucky with our weather here at the moment ,36c, My office and home have reverse cycle air conditioning throughout, so I can work and sleep OK. Helen

by execsmom 18 Jan 2011

Hope all is well today. Human "fly paper" is not the way to stop a mosquito.

by elizabethak 18 Jan 2011

Hope you're OK. Blonde moment-having plenty of those. It's 1-23 ans so HOT here in PE I can't sleep!!

by marthie 18 Jan 2011

Welcome to the "Ageheimers Club".

by airyfairy 18 Jan 2011

Also from SA. Our mossies have not been too bad although it is hot, hot, hot here in Knysna. We have ceiling fans and I think that makes a huge difference as the mosies cannot settle. Sarah.

by castelyn 18 Jan 2011

Hope you managed to get it off. How many Mossies were stuck to you?? Oh my , I also think I'm losing it sometimes, but have not done this yet. Thank goodness I keep my spray in my sewing room, and the Mosquito spray in the kitchen.

Hugs Yvonne

by fleabag 18 Jan 2011

It's the sun - it's cooked your brains!!!!
Hee hee.... last night was so hot I battled to sleep and have woken up feeling like I have been run over by a bus and then reversed on by a tractor - all in one night!!!!!!

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castelyn by castelyn 18 Jan 2011

That is way I try to keep out of the sun. haha - hugs Yvonne

by carinwatkins 18 Jan 2011

Hallo - I also live in South Africa - in Limpopo and we also have lots of mosquito. Put some vinegar in a little container and place it where you sit and work. The misquitos just dont like the smell and they dissappear. Sterkte !!

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bevgrift by bevgrift 18 Jan 2011

Vinegar on the bite is good instead of sratching and then I suppose the smell on your skin will keep them at bay for a while.

by noah 18 Jan 2011

I live in the bush with lots of bugs but they don't get me .Are you ready for this ?*?*Maybe you better sit down ok!!!I use VICKS yes vicks It comes in a jar from the dollar store.The blackflys(& we got thousands)hate it % so do others.They might come close but they just smell me & run .When the smell weres off i put on more .Carolyn(true story)

by capoodle 17 Jan 2011

When the mosquitoes hit the spray they should have slid off. lol

by mariahail 17 Jan 2011

When I was 28 I was going on a date with a handsome cowboy, when fixing my hair I spray on some furniture polish oil instead of hair spray...Oh the good al times!!!!!

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fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 17 Jan 2011

At least that would have made your hair nice and shiny.

by greysewist Moderator 17 Jan 2011

It's been very humid in Melbourne as well with the warm weather and rain. Not yesterday or today though -it's cooled down again now. There was an email joke doing the rounds a while ago on a similar theme. A blonde joke, I think!

by shirlener88 17 Jan 2011

Oh my - hope you are ok!

by sewbadly 17 Jan 2011

Thanks, for the laugh.

by daisy530 17 Jan 2011

"It was a hot and sticky night. . . ."!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 17 Jan 2011

That's cute Daisy!

lindaavolio by lindaavolio 17 Jan 2011 adorable! ! !


castelyn by castelyn 18 Jan 2011

How cute

by sewlikedawn 17 Jan 2011

How hard was it to get off? I've sprayed my hands and had a hard time getting it off! Hope your ok! And not sticking to everything!
Hugs Dawn

by mranderson 17 Jan 2011

Join the club of oldies!!!!!! I have sprayed hairspray under my armpits instead of underarm deoderant. What a sticky situation. LOL Marg

by bevgrift 17 Jan 2011

Hope it did not cause a rash. :)LOL
From Bev

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Jan 2011

Sorry but this has made me laugh. The efect is probably similar but the mozzies will stick on and then you cn squash them...

by theduchess 17 Jan 2011

Try spraying Raid(insect killer) instead of hair spray!That will get everyone's attention!!

bevgrift by bevgrift 17 Jan 2011

Could be dangerous,some child died cos mom thought to rid the hair of lice.

joann13100 by joann13100 17 Jan 2011

The dose makes the poison. Alwaya read the directions on pesticides, not to over-do them. Pretty much all of them are toxic to humans, but we are bigger than mosquitos, so it just takes a lot more to get sick.

danababes by danababes 19 Jan 2011

I think she meant that she'd used Raid in her own hair by mistake, instead of hair spray .. not to actually try it lol xXx

danababes by danababes 19 Jan 2011

I think she meant that she'd used Raid in her own hair by mistake, instead of hair spray .. not to actually try it lol xXx

danababes by danababes 19 Jan 2011

I push submit once and it turns up twice...urgh, sorry. xXx

by fannyfurkin 17 Jan 2011

That is too funny, believe me you are not the only person to make a mistake like this. I think everyone would have done something like that. Sue is right, it would stop them. hehehe.

by olly 17 Jan 2011

Try confusing underarm deodorant with Deep Heat!! My husband did! It is still funny - years later!

sewlikedawn by sewlikedawn 17 Jan 2011

LOL!!! Thanks for sharing!

airyfairy by airyfairy 18 Jan 2011

That must have really hurt - Ouch!!!

by spendlove Moderator 17 Jan 2011

It should stop them moving around at any rate!

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cicadamn by cicadamn 18 Jan 2011

What a treat to read all these comments, Lay in the Bath and scrubbed it off The sprays are now in diff. rooms HaHaHa!!! And I am not blond???? just losing it!!!!