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Letter R

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Size (in): 3.27"(w) x 2.36"(h)
Size (mm): 83 x 60
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ART csd dst exp hus jef pcs pes sew vip xxx
r charmingfont
Cruelabel by Cruelabel 1h 31m ago

muchas gracias

Cruelabel by Cruelabel 1h 33m ago

muchas gracias

castor by castor 1h 42m ago

Thank you for fixing the Glitch

lindamb by lindamb 2h 30m ago

Thank you for re-posting R.

vivianbixler by vivianbixler 2h 42m ago

Please vote for the letter "P"....Thank you

dragonladyjury by dragonladyjury 3h 50m ago

Please vote for "A & "B"... Thank you!

dragonladyjury by dragonladyjury 3h 52m ago

Thank you all for voting for "R"

pcochran525 by pcochran525 4h 50m ago

Thanks for reposting the R.

stewlis by stewlis 5h 16m ago

I adore this font!! Thank you! It looks superb with red and silver thread on black cloth!

rescuer by rescuer 5h 19m ago

Remember all daily free designs are offered because of Votes from the Community. If you miss a letter, regardless of the reason, Vote for it and get your friends to vote too. Also, Vote daily as the votes are reset daily.

worthy by worthy 6h 26m ago

Thank you for this lovely alphabet and for your thoughtfulness in re-posting the letter R that would not download the day you first put it up.

kittie by kittie 7h 3m ago

Bedankt dat de letter alsnog te downloaden is. Super!

TinkMB by TinkMB 7h 59m ago

Thank you for fixing the site and for voting for the R right away. So much easier to keep track of in order.

Heidinase by Heidinase 8h 21m ago

Thank you

nunzia1 by nunzia1 8h 45m ago


markus by markus 9h 45m ago

Thank you

Renga by Renga 9h 53m ago


kokkieventer by kokkieventer 9h 53m ago

Thank you.

jocelyne45 by jocelyne45 12h ago



je vous remercie d'avoir remis la lettre R c'est vraiment trop gentil Merci

DAUGAN by DAUGAN 13h ago

Merci mais il faut voter pour le S maintenant et non pour le T. Il vas nous manquer une lettre

jen15961 by jen15961 13h ago

Thank you

m3014 by m3014 14h ago

Thank you for reposting the "R". I was disappointed that I could not download it on the day it was offered, so I am thankful that you reposted. Sorry you must have been having server issues.

sewmadau by sewmadau 15h ago

Thank you

kathimcdougall by kathimcdougall 1d ago

IT'S WORKING! Please everyone vote for "R" so that we can all get the letter that wouldn't work yesterday. Glad they got it fixed. Thanking them for all they give us!

quiltmomejg by quiltmomejg 1d ago

Yep still not working this fine Tuesday morning.

azpatch by azpatch 1d ago

Page not working yesterday or today.

freebird by freebird 1d ago

The three sites still not working

kathimcdougall by kathimcdougall 1d ago

Yes, tried just now to get the 'R' file. Hope you will give us a chance tomorrow to get the R. My husband Richard would be sad! Thanks for all your beautiful fonts.

pochita by pochita 1d ago

NO SE PUEDE DESCARGAR la letra "R" de Cuteembroidery, la letra "C" de Cutealphabeths, adorable applique, amazingembroiderydesigns etc. por favor revizar y solucionar. Muchas gracias, son las 2:26 a.m del día 26/01/2021

mccorry by mccorry 2d ago

Cute Embroidery. Adorable, Amazing, and Cute Alphabets are all having problems with the server today, Can't download any of them. Tried this morning and again this afternoon and still no luck,

lindamb by lindamb 2d ago

Can't get this to download. Guess Cute is having a problem today. Thanks

shesewsall by shesewsall 2d ago

Been collecting this alphabet, but the site won't download the letter R today.

m311byfaith by m311byfaith 2d ago

I hope we will have another opportunity to download these letters

brenoreo by brenoreo 2d ago

Same problem as others. Very pretty

mariagiannina by mariagiannina 2d ago

Page won't open?

adamsamac by adamsamac 2d ago

Why won't this letter download in pes format?

Nanrnan by Nanrnan 2d ago

here also

freebird by freebird 2d ago

I see others are having issues too. I am not alone.

nanabea2 by nanabea2 2d ago

me three not working

Renga by Renga 2d ago

Funktioniert leider nicht :-(
Does not work,what a pitty

neel1 by neel1 2d ago

error (HTTP ERROR 500)

daisymousse by daisymousse 2d ago

i am from BELGIUM and can not download the letter R

m311byfaith by m311byfaith 2d ago

Yes I am having the same problem and can't download hopefully it will get fixed.

craftychris by craftychris 2d ago

I am unable to download my format or any others. Closed everything down and started over and get the same results. Is anyone else in the USA having this problem?

elvira by elvira 2d ago



Merci beaucoup

kokkieventer by kokkieventer 2d ago

Thank you.

linwood by linwood 2d ago

thank you

embrockabees by embrockabees 2d ago


markus by markus 2d ago

Thank you

wondernat415 by wondernat415 2d ago


ghislaine60 by ghislaine60 2d ago


sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 2d ago

Beautiful!!!Thanking you!!!

Rossie by Rossie 2d ago

Muchas gracias por la letra R es la de mi nombre

sewmadau by sewmadau 2d ago

Thank you

Andrei89 by Andrei89 2d ago


stubioma by stubioma 2d ago


ghislaine60 by ghislaine60 3d ago

tres beau

moonlightflower71 by moonlightflower71 10 Apr 2011

Thank you! Grazie

jasa by jasa 04 Feb 2011


juanitadenney by juanitadenney 04 Feb 2011

Thank you for this pretty alphabet and especially the R for my daughter Robin!

lynlaing by lynlaing 04 Feb 2011

Thank you

ullis by ullis 04 Feb 2011

Thank you!

craftinan by craftinan 04 Feb 2011

Thank you

trudyk by trudyk 03 Feb 2011

Thank you so very much for this pretty "R"..Trudy

tinfriend by tinfriend 03 Feb 2011

Thank you!

sewdenise by sewdenise 03 Feb 2011

Thank you so much!

mylli by mylli 03 Feb 2011

Thank you!

joann7657 by joann7657 03 Feb 2011

thank u

elvira by elvira 03 Feb 2011


fekla by fekla 03 Feb 2011

Thank you!

joce by joce 03 Feb 2011


lyn4 by lyn4 03 Feb 2011

Thank you!!!

ramona by ramona 03 Feb 2011

My initial!! Love it! Thank you so much.

giddygoat by giddygoat 03 Feb 2011

Thank you

kidsaregr8 by kidsaregr8 03 Feb 2011

Thanks for all the wonderful designs and fonts.

hennypenny by hennypenny 03 Feb 2011

thank you

kaco by kaco 03 Feb 2011

This is very pretty! Thanks!

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 03 Feb 2011


euno by euno 03 Feb 2011

Thank you

Simplesewer1 by Simplesewer1 03 Feb 2011

Thank YOU!!!!!!

sandralochran by sandralochran 03 Feb 2011

thank you

outback43 by outback43 03 Feb 2011

thank you, so pretty *

phantomdsb by phantomdsb 03 Feb 2011

Thank you.

blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 03 Feb 2011

thank you. I've missed quite a few letters from the last font and now the beginning of this one due to the fact I was in the hospital for almost a month. Nice to be able to get some letters again.

windsong1 by windsong1 03 Feb 2011

Thank you.

anniem by anniem 03 Feb 2011

Thank you!

karink by karink 03 Feb 2011


kuttage by kuttage 03 Feb 2011


gigimaus by gigimaus 03 Feb 2011

Thank you

nhsmith55 by nhsmith55 03 Feb 2011

Thank you

donnajw by donnajw 03 Feb 2011

Thank you

maura51 by maura51 03 Feb 2011


maura51 by maura51 03 Feb 2011


janelle by janelle 03 Feb 2011


remko25 by remko25 03 Feb 2011


castelyn by castelyn 03 Feb 2011

Thanks so much - hugs Yvonne

giesje by giesje 03 Feb 2011

prachtg, bedankt

raedonnal by raedonnal 03 Feb 2011

Thank you

marthie by marthie 03 Feb 2011

Thank you

lenie22 by lenie22 03 Feb 2011


lidaalek by lidaalek 03 Feb 2011

Большое Спасибо!!

frankie12 by frankie12 03 Feb 2011


markus by markus 03 Feb 2011

Thank you

ritageysen by ritageysen 03 Feb 2011

dank u wel

car1 by car1 03 Feb 2011


melodyk by melodyk 03 Feb 2011

Thank you so much for this letter to add to my list of fonts. I will enjoy using it on linens and such.

gerryvb by gerryvb 03 Feb 2011

thank you realy nice R

sallya by sallya 03 Feb 2011

Thank you for the letter R.

peardrop by peardrop 03 Feb 2011

thank you~

asterixsew by asterixsew 03 Feb 2011


damaris by damaris 03 Feb 2011

thanks for the nice alphabet

damaris by damaris 03 Feb 2011

thanks for the nice alphabet

mistli by mistli 03 Feb 2011

Thanks for the beautiful R

dawnsray by dawnsray 03 Feb 2011

thank you

sewdeb by sewdeb 03 Feb 2011

Thanks so much for this lovely alphabet.

stork by stork 03 Feb 2011

Thanks so much for another wonderful letter in this alpha!!!

conceicao by conceicao 02 Feb 2011


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