by mommajo 16 Jan 2011

Ok Leenova54 I filled in my name for you Ellen letter cause I thought it was neet to see where all are from, but I do have a question. Who is Ellen? And why are you writting her a letter?


by leenova54 16 Jan 2011

It's Ellen DeGenerous and we are asking if she can help out our cutie Shirlene. Ellen helps a lot of people and Shirlene and her husband Rick have been through a lot and now have lost their insurance also. We wrote a letter and set up an email just for it. The letter is on here also, I will find it and post it on this post for you to see.

mommajo by mommajo 16 Jan 2011

Thanks, good cause.

leenova54 by leenova54 16 Jan 2011

Dear Ellen, We are members of the website, We are like a family and have members all over the world. Our common love is machine embroidery. We help each other with different topics, but we have one who has been an angel to us all and is in dire need of help which we are unable to provide for her. Shirlene Renshaw is the person in need. Shirlene's mother was a member of this website from the beginning and gave Shirlene a love of embroidery.
This year has been very hard on Shirlene, Feburary 8th Shirlene's husband suffered a stroke. One week later her Mother, Miss Loretta passed away. She has been a rock and helps Rick as best she can. Rick lost his job and has not fully recovered. Nov. 8th he suffered a seizure, and was hospitalized. While in the hospital Rick had 6 more seizures and a mini-stroke. He is home resting now. Shirlene is by his side with a long road of therapy ahead. She updates us on the site and is always positive. She owns a website,, where she sells lace items that she has embroidered, but business is slow. Shirlene also needs surgery but we don't know the details. We are hoping you can do something to help her, since you are a generous person. All we are asking for is help for our “Friend" who we all cherish and love. We would appreciate anything you can do. Thank you for your consideration. The Cuties of CuteEmbroidery.
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jerrib by jerrib 16 Jan 2011

Hi Debra:
I wonder if you should send the letter again. With it being sent just before all the Christmas rush, it might have gotten lost in all the e-mails

airyfairy by airyfairy 17 Jan 2011

Good idea