by mooie24 16 Jan 2011

is now resting in peace. I have just come from the vets, its 1.30 am here in London, her empty bed next to my desk, she has been a dear companion to me for 14 years..

My george is 7 and Alice is 5 I just cant think of the words
to tell them in a nice way..
your thoughts would be greatly appreciated please.
Big hugs from London - Maria xx


by marjialexa Moderator 20 Jan 2011

Maria, I am so very sorry for your loss, and I hope your children understood about the Rainbow Bridge. What a name you gave to her, Grace, and I'm sure she brought much and will continue to bring much 'grace' into your lives. How our fur kids love us, whether we are fat or thin, have holes in our socks, didn't bother to comb our hair or brush our teeth; they don't ever judge, just love us purely and completely, even as God does. How could such bright beings NOT be in heaven, they surely deserve it more than most of us. It's going on without them that's really hard. Perhaps when the hurt heals some, you'll give a forever home to another fur kid, who may not have any hope of life but for you. You and yours are in my cat-hair-covered prayers. Luv, Marji

The photo is my little Quinn, who is also waiting at the Rainbow Bridge (with my husband, I hope).

by gerryvb 20 Jan 2011

I'm sorry I read this now, 3 days later. I remember I told my children( they wer 5 and 3 years) when we had to say goodbye to our loved little dog:" The vet was a very kind man who loved our dog just as much as we did. And because he saw and knew she had so much pain he gave her something to sleep forever,to feel no pain anymore and got time to rest when she wakes up in heaven". This story helped them and me to accept it was for the best.
it was even the case my mother in law was very ill and my daughter asked why grandma didn't have such a nice doctor as we had for the dog...... Hope you can accept the loss of your dear friend too.and remember the lovely 14 years she was a lovely family member. Hugs!G

by fannyfurkin 20 Jan 2011

I am so sorry Maria, it is sad but true that we will always outlive our pets, I think even though it is very difficult it is a way of our children learning to deal with death. At the end of the day kids are resilient. You will most likely miss her for longer than they do.

by castelyn 19 Jan 2011

Maria, so sorry to hear of your loss. I know what you are feeling. I did not know how to tell my daughter and son and they were 30 and 28. It will be a year on the 7 Feb. now, since Blue was put to sleep, I still have moments when I look for him. He had, had a stroke and arthris.He was 14 we had him since he was a few weeks old.
Try to think of all the good memories that you all had with Grace.

Hugs Yvonne

by capoodle 17 Jan 2011

I'm sorry for you loss. A pet becomes a hugh part of the family. My kids watched as our dog ran into the telephone pole on the steep part of our drive and broke his neck. My son was 6 years at the time and I found in his room a shoe box with as many photos as he could find with the dogs tags and collar. We added some of his toys and decorated the box and put his name on the box. This was a good closure for him. He seemed to understand at that age what had happened. His 13 year old sister may have helped him to understand.

by 02kar Moderator 17 Jan 2011

I am so sorry. Grace can never be replaced, but the memories will live on and be so treasured.

by 02kar Moderator 17 Jan 2011

I am so sorry. Grace can never be replaced, but the memories will live on and be so treasured.

by sdrise 17 Jan 2011

I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet. It is funny how they leave pawprints on your heart. I know how you feel I have been through it when I lost my dear dog 10 years ago. She was 17 when she died. Shirlene was right Rainbow bridge is a great help. Best of luck telling the kids. Kids are tougher then they look. THey have a way bouncing back. And they will probably help you too. Suzanne

by jrob Moderator 17 Jan 2011

So very sorry for your loss. I hope your children get the message of how much you can still love someone after their death and that it is a natural thing that happens. We grieve until we are finished grieving and then we look in our hearts for them instead of where they used to be.

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Jan 2011

Oh Maria I know just how you feel. I am sure that by now you will have told George and Alice. They will be sad, Grace has been there all their lives and has been part of your family. Their memories will be there and you can talk with them remembering the happy times you all had together. Today we have had to have our much loved cat Blossom put to sleep. She was nearly 18 and had more than her 9 lives. Her son Slingsby who was almost 15 had a stroke and had to be put to sleep just over 2 weeks ago.
Take care

by airyfairy 17 Jan 2011

I am so sorry to hear this and my heart goes out to you. Our children are tougher than we think and I am sure that George especially will realise that something is not quite right. Thinking of you from SA at this sad time. Hugs Sarah.

by trovato 17 Jan 2011

I'm sorry to hear this. A few years ago we had the sam but my Justina was 9 and ad school. I phoned the school and they let her go for half an hour to say goodbey (school was 500 m away). It still was difficult but easer then what you have to tell. I think that Shirlene her idea of the rainbow ig great for a difficult thing as this. I wish you a lot of strength in this difficult time, Yvonne

by anangel 17 Jan 2011

I am so sorry for the great loss of your family companion. The
rainbow bridge poem was what I was going to suggest, but seems
Shirlene already has. My three little girls are now grown, and
I had the task of explaining the passing of a beloved pet a couple of times. Your calm resolve while explaining will ensure
the little ones' acceptance of "pet heaven".

by shirlener88 17 Jan 2011

Maria, there is never an easy way to tell children when a loved and dear part of the family has passed on. You may have to rest and pray - I know the words will come - God will guide you - you will need to be calm yourself - if you are not - they will sense that. Dog heaven is a wonderful place - have you ever read the rainbow bridge - I wished I could remember it to quote it for you. Kids some times understand heaven - by knowing how far the rainbow is and the dog passes over the rainbow bridge when he goes to heaven to be with God. The way you describe this to your children will help them in the future with any other loss that may come along as well. For a dear one to go to heaven to be at the hem of God - is an honor and when God calls them - their time here on earth of finished - but He has lots for them to do in heaven.

My prayers are with you dear one.

mooie24 by mooie24 17 Jan 2011

Hi Shirlene I googled the Rainbow bridge I found it,,its perfect thank you so much.
You are so right I have to be calm..
this will be there first exprerience of loss..
Big hugs Maria xx

kalinelson by kalinelson 20 Jan 2011

Sorry I missed this till now....I love the Rainbow bridge.....when our Susie had to be put down we had her cremated, when we picked her up they had enclosed this poem as well as a book mark with some flower seeds to plant in her honor....we still miss her, I have tears thinking of her even now....but she had a good life and we have memories of her that will always be in our hearts.