by jkdavis1996 14 Jan 2011

I have found most of the alphabet packs, but see that there are also design packs. I cannot find a good way to pull a list of available packs. Is that possible? Thank you for your help.


by lbrow 15 Jan 2011

I just took ea. sub-title: Designs, Redwork, alphabets, lace, applique, crossstitch & worked my way through but of course that was 4 yrs ago & there were not near as many pages as today. I do believe this is the only way to find them./Lillian

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jkdavis1996 by jkdavis1996 24 Jan 2011

Lillian, thank you

by 02kar Moderator 15 Jan 2011

I have to be honest. When I got my membership, I started at the last page and worked my way forward, downloading everything. I organized it all in my own computer so I can find anything I want in minutes. You will find that you will continue to ornganize your designs. Ann the Gran has a good list to start with. I have all of my Cute designs organized in 1 folder called Cute by the way. Under it I have includde amazing designs and Designs by Cuties (DBC) Hope this helps.

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jkdavis1996 by jkdavis1996 24 Jan 2011

thank the way, I'm another Karen

by meganne 15 Jan 2011

Nope, sorry, you just have to search through all the pages like the rest of us. :-)))

Perhaps one day, Miss V will change things, but then it would no longer be our beloved CuteEmbroidery.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

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jkdavis1996 by jkdavis1996 15 Jan 2011

Thank you.