by gayle950 14 Jan 2011

Anybody know where I can get some black stabiliser in australia. Tried ebay , no luck there. Thanks Gayle


by beatie58 15 Jan 2011

I have some I bought from spotlight!

by gayle950 15 Jan 2011

Thanks everyone for all the great ideas. I am sure that I will be able to find some.

by katmug 15 Jan 2011

Hello Gayle I too bought some from spotlight! There is a little shop in the A.C.T. but i don't know if they do phone orders. I can check if you like!? Kathy

gayle950 by gayle950 15 Jan 2011

Thanks Kathy, There is a spotlight in Rockhampton. I will see what they have.

katmug by katmug 15 Jan 2011

Good luck!

by greysewist Moderator 15 Jan 2011

Charcoal is available from Embroidery Source in Melbourne. Hope this helps. They go back to business on Monday 17th Jan, I think!

by justonlyme 15 Jan 2011

I know of a good company that will ship to Australia if that helps at all. It is
I was surprised at their low costs and very speedy service. They are about 2000 miles away from me, but yet, I received a shipment from them on the second business day. I was very impressed with the quality of their merchandise and their prices. When I received my package, it contained a 10% off coupon for my entire next order. I bought a 50 yard roll of water soluble stabilizer, and paid less than half what others were charging for it.
Good luck with finding what you are looking for!

by meganne 15 Jan 2011

You can buy black interfacing from Lincraft it is the same thing as stabiliser but way cheaper.

(I posted a link here at Cute to an article on Designs by Sick, all about the history of stabilisers, but I could no longer find the article on Sick. You could try searching Cute general for it, it was very informative.)

I have bought black stabiliser from Shopper'srule and ABC in the States.

If you need these links please ask.
hugs n roses, Meganne

by fannyfurkin 15 Jan 2011

I did get some at spotlight a while ago, I would try there. or Echidna in Capalaba will ship to anywhere in Australia.

by nonna57 14 Jan 2011

Gayle if you can hold off till Mon i will check with a dealer of mine and let you know. He is great and his cotton is grat . Pauline Sydney

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gayle950 by gayle950 15 Jan 2011

Thanks Pauline, I am not in any great rush, just trying to be a bit organized.

by jasanne 14 Jan 2011

Try spotlight - they do sometimes in NZ. Otherwise not is Aust - but designs by sick have it, I've ordered stabiliser from there before - I bought quite a few rolls and even with freight it was cheaper than I can get it in NZ