by anangel 14 Jan 2011

Do any of you Cuties use the Organ round shank needles? I mistakenly

ordered a package of 100 of the round
shank, when I need the flat shank.


by kttyhwk4 14 Jan 2011

Send them back if you haven't opened the package. Better yet call the company you ordered from, tell them you made a mistake and most of the time they'll tell you to send them back for a refund or will send you the right ones.

by asterixsew Moderator 14 Jan 2011

Sell them on ebay?

by caroldann 14 Jan 2011

If they are not opened, maybe you can exchange them for the right ones. Most places are pretty good about exchanging, especially if you do alot of business with them.

anangel by anangel 14 Jan 2011

Carol, I opened the package and tried (foolishly) to see if they would work. I think I used one or two, so I have about 98
left. I think they were in small packs of
five, so only one small pack was opened. I have thought of emailing them to see if they would do an exchange, but it has been several months. Still may try it.

anangel by anangel 14 Jan 2011

If they won't exchange, I will just sell them for half price to get rid of them, since I can't use them!