by simplyrosie 12 Jan 2011

January 12, 2011 - Just curious... but how many of the Cuties use Skype speaking to one another around the world???


by kkcogle 13 Jan 2011

not talking with cuties, but I use skype with family...even check on Jim upstairs when I need to tell him something and don't want to walk up the steps... ha ha! I first started with skype 4 years ago, when my sister and brother in law, traveled to Colombia to adopt their first little girl. I was actually the first one in the family up in the US to "see" her! They just got back with their second little girl from Colombia and we used it again. Totally LUV skype!

by maleah 13 Jan 2011

I live in Tn and my kids are in Las Vegas and California. I use Skype and Oovoo. I like Oovoo better because I can get up to 6 people on at the same time. It is also free....By the way, I have taught my grandson how to read over the Oovoo system..

by ramona 13 Jan 2011

Yes, talk to my daughter and grandkids in Tx.

by clawton 13 Jan 2011

We have friends that use it to keep in touch with their son that just went to college this year.

by noah 13 Jan 2011

I have a few times Carolyn

by dlonnahawkins 13 Jan 2011

Well - DH just got it set up on his PC - has talked to his cousins in Michigan, and reconnected with them. Guess I could use his. LOL

by sigrun 13 Jan 2011

I use Skype to talk to my son in Norweg, that´s so nice to have this opportunity to see him and my grand-daughter when we are talking together.

by sewfrenzie 13 Jan 2011

I'm not even sure I know what skype is, lol! I do use PM and e-mail alot though.

by mad14kt 13 Jan 2011

I use it from time to time when I speak to my spiritual father in London ;D *2U

by gerryvb 13 Jan 2011

never used it, like sonja I use msn and email.hugs g.

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Jan 2011

I have used Skype for a long time and now have it on my I-Phone. My father (92) in Germany does not have a computer and the calls to landlines are sooo much cheaper. Here is a funny story. My son lives 10 miles away from me and only has a cell phone and AT&T. I also have AT&T and practically no connection where I live. Even though we both have unlimited calls available to us we use Skype via I-Phones and can actually talk to each other without annoying overlaps, echoes, dropped calls and the like.

by sewmom 13 Jan 2011

Uh Oh. I'm in trouble. My dad just emailed me and said I refused his Skype call. I didn't, I swear. Other family members use my computer and if they are busy and can't answer then it's the same as not answering your phone right? Leave a message.
I think the problem is that when you're logged on then your connections can see that you are logged on, and they assume you can/have time to talk. I have a habit of leaving my skype logged on :(

by sorval 13 Jan 2011

i travel over the whole world on msn and i love it
some times i use my webcam
because you like to see some persons right
hugs Sonja

by gg2009 13 Jan 2011

I just bought a computer that can do that(or should I say I'm paying it off). I have family out of town, so I will be getting it set up to communicate with them. I did try skype before using one of the "add-on" viewers, but that didn't work so well. When I get the bugs worked out of my new one, I'll let you know. Good idea ... but I need a hair cut first (heehee). GG

by simplyrosie 13 Jan 2011

Thanks for everyone's response! I'd love to chat with any cuties around the world. PM me and we can hook up.

As long as you call computer to computer, Skype is absolutely free. :-) My kind of price tag.

by theduchess 13 Jan 2011

I've use Skype to keep in touch with my daughter who just returned from Afghanistan. Had already used it when my son was in Iraq.

by sewdeb 13 Jan 2011

I use SKYPE to talk to my DD, SIL and my new GS who live in the's wonderful, except for the fact that I can't hold the cute little GS via SKYPE!

by cicadamn 13 Jan 2011

Yes I often use it to speek to fam & friends, I find it works well only I get a shock to see myself on Video ( Did not know looked so awful) Cica from South Africa

by gillemmerson 13 Jan 2011

Yes I too have skype and use ti soeak to family in Switzerland, it is lovely as I was able to see newborn grandson and follow progress of his sisters. Trouble is one longs for a hug!!

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Jan 2011

I dont use Skype but in reply to Meganne I am sure that it is free - well after you have set yourself up. I have various friends who use it to keep in touch with family members around the world.

Years ago I used to take part in conference phone calls and that was brilliant. Are you thinking of this for the next Cute idea?

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asterixsew by asterixsew 13 Jan 2011

Had an idea later in the day, how many will be in the PJ's?

by meganne 13 Jan 2011

Why not just use Yahoo Messenger and a web cam?
It costs absolutely nothing and you can talk to others anywhere in the world. I used to talk to friends in the States and Canada years ago, then it just sort of dried up. LOL!!!

hugs n roses, Meganne

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 13 Jan 2011

Hi Meganne, skype is free too. It's so awesome to keep in touch with our loved ones that are far. :-)

gg2009 by gg2009 13 Jan 2011

I knew skype was free, but I didn't/don't know anything about Yahoo Messenger. Is it easier than skype? Have to check it out. Thanks Meganne.

by fannyfurkin 13 Jan 2011

Great question. I have skype but rarely use it, I only ever use when my mother in law calls me on it. I have heaps of contacts on my list. It is great technology and it would be great to talk to some cutes that way.

by linpat 13 Jan 2011

hi, i use it all the time to talk to my children and grand children. video is for free and it is a great way for our young grand children to remember us, as our family is scattered all over australia,lin.

by camylow 13 Jan 2011

I have a built in camera on my pc....My son set me up an account so that I could video chat with others who have a camera...Haven't used it yet and I am not sure I would know how....My son does live chat alot...One of these days I will try it out.

by oldtimer992005 13 Jan 2011

hi i have it too. only use to talk to the kids as they live a fair distance. i do not use it to talk to anyone else as i look very scary. just like the designs of stella. might shatter the web cam. lol.

by stitchship 13 Jan 2011

I've used Skype for years, and we like it. But lately we've been having a problem... Every time we open Skype, we get a notice telling us that someone wants to use our Skype... Of course we deny them access. It is always someone different. I don't know what is going on, but I don't like it. Has this happened to anyone else?

airyfairy by airyfairy 13 Jan 2011

If I can make a suggestion - I would delete your skype and re download it.

stitchship by stitchship 13 Jan 2011

Thanks for your suggestion. I already tried that and it is still happening... I will try deleting any file or anything called skype, reboot and then see what happens.

by ethan 13 Jan 2011

Yes, Its great. I use it all the time to speak to family and friends. Only speak to one cutie, she is a friend and most of the time we are in the same country. G

by jacquipaul 13 Jan 2011

Have it but don't use it often, unless it's to talk to family.

by beatie58 12 Jan 2011

My sister's in NZ keep asking me to get on but I haven't yet...where would I find the time..

by airyfairy 12 Jan 2011

Use it all the time. To friends/ family around the world and even friends who live close by. Do not always use the video - only to see my GC. It costs nothing and is so easy to set up. Have not used it for skyping other Cuties.

by greysewist Moderator 12 Jan 2011

I have it here and have spoken to family on it. Tend to forget to plug it in unless I'm calling a business who shows they have skype. Like it!
Forgot to mention I also bought 2 phones for my sister who runs a business. She's found it to be great as well. Used to use mob phones (cell phones) for contact.

by read180 12 Jan 2011

I have not used it with another cutie, but have used it in our school. Home bound students. Also used for classes, can be in 2 places at once.
Cindy B.

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greysewist by greysewist 12 Jan 2011

I first was shown how it works in a visit to a College. They were using it for staff to make contact across the school.

by haydebug 12 Jan 2011

My Mother in law bought it for my mother and I for christmas so we could see and visit each other! I still call her everyday! Haven't used it yet! But very happy she got it for us!

by manami 12 Jan 2011

Hi Teri, I use Skype to talk with my family in Japan. International calls are cheaper with Skype, and my youngest son doesn't have computer. How about you? Love and hugs, Yoriko

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 13 Jan 2011

Hi Yoriko... I haven't used it to chat with any cuties (I'm about ready to send Shirlene my extra camera if she would use it!). :-)

by dilceia 12 Jan 2011

Yes, I use to talk to Neusa and for Marcia. It is much practiser and Is GRATIS! (free)

by gramsbear 12 Jan 2011

I guess I am showing my age. but What is Skype???
Sorry I am so lame and un knowlegable! hahaha! Hugs & ?????, Judy

sewmom by sewmom 12 Jan 2011

Free video phone calls through the computer.

sewmom by sewmom 12 Jan 2011

You can also type instead of talk if you don't have speakers and microphones.

gramsbear by gramsbear 13 Jan 2011

Thanx Sewmom!!! I appreciate your info. Just went through and read what everyone wrote, and I kinda figured out what was happning. Hahaha! Thanx again. Hugs, Judy

by shirlener88 12 Jan 2011

OH but I wished I had the technology and equipment to do so - sounds like a fun time. What does it total cost to do so? Fees and equipment?

sewmom by sewmom 12 Jan 2011

Our set up is free but we already had speakers. I suppose at some time we added the video to my computer but my kids' new computers have video already in them.

You can type in real time too for free.

sewmom by sewmom 12 Jan 2011

DH has informed me that computer to computer skype is free but computer to phone (like international calls) is very cheap.

greysewist by greysewist 12 Jan 2011

I don't use it with video, just on phone or typing. The phone cost $10 or so from an online shopping site. If calling PC to PC -free, but found PC to regular phones wasn't as cheap as I'd hoped. I think they've brought the costs down since then.

stitchship by stitchship 13 Jan 2011

We use it to call other countries too (I've even called friends who were in China at the time). If we call to a land line or a cell, we pay a fee. You have to open an account and transfer money to the account. But as mentioned before, if you call someone else that is on line at the same time and call them to their computer, you can talk to them without paying.

Once you download Skype to your computer, If you call the "Skype Testing Service" and tape yourself saying something, you will know if you need to buy a little head set, that has a little microphone or not. We use Skype with or without the headset, and I disabled the Video.

by lani02 12 Jan 2011

no haven't spoken to any cuties, but have used it to speak to family.

by sewmom 12 Jan 2011

I have never spoken with a Cutie by Skype but I use it for my DH when he travels around the world and my Dad who lives in another state. I often turn off my video when I'm in my pjs LOL.