by simplyrosie 11 Jan 2011

January 11, 2011 - to all Ellisimo and Quattro owners: Have any of you bought the upgrade and used it? I want that darn thing so badly, but until I'm back to work, I can't justify the expense.


by shirlener88 11 Jan 2011

Oh my - I understand how tempting it is and I know you will not give in to that sort of temptation - if you are meant to have the upgrade - it will happen for you in due time - as you know - how you were able to get your Ellisimo and other things - it happens. They only way you could justify that expense - is if you were trying to do work with it - to make you money.

by maeeast67 11 Jan 2011

You can do LOTS with the upgrade -- reverse bobbin work is one thing. The upgrade includes about a dozen, new built-in embroidery designs (labelled with a "B").
The upgrade allows you to increase the size of your designs up to 200%, and it automatically increases the number and size of stitches for the new, bigger design. You can also decrease the size of a design by 50%, and it automatically decreases the size count (also known as density).
There are several other WONDERFUL new features, but that's all I can remember off the top of my head.
Remember, when you go back to work, you won't have as much time to sew. Get it now!

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 12 Jan 2011

I can't wait! My birthday is in March, so we'll see if my husband will fork out the 450 bucks at my local dealership. :-) Thanks for the reply to my posting. teri

by mysew1325 11 Jan 2011

Yes... I have it and yes it is worth the money... I just need to learn how to do bobbin work..

mariahail by mariahail 11 Jan 2011

mysew, bobbin work is very much the same as fsl, but the design will be on the reverse side of the WSS.****

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 12 Jan 2011

Lucky girl! I can't wait to finally get mine.