by mel08 10 Jan 2011

the bird bath in the front yard.


by sdrise 11 Jan 2011

We are getting the blizzard next . LAST one dumped 18 inches on us two weeks ago. This one is 12 inches PLUS. So I figure we are in for another 18 incher. Hate shoveling. Hope we don't lose power! Suzanne

by airyfairy 11 Jan 2011

What is happening to our weather? Terrible floods in Australia, huge amounts of snow in other parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Here in the south of SA we need rain. Far too much rain in Johannesburg. Have had to open the sluice gates at the dams, which have caused severe flooding. Hope all Cuties around the world are safe. Sarah.

by pennifold 11 Jan 2011

WOW that is a lot of snow! We have here in Australia the worst floods in years and dreadful bushfires over in Western Australia and they think that it was deliberately lit! I'd like to get my hands on those who did this!!!!!!!! Love Chris

sdrise by sdrise 11 Jan 2011

I pray for you all ! Suzanne

designgirl by designgirl 11 Jan 2011

Prayers for all in the flood zone area.

by gerryb 11 Jan 2011

Our daughter in Huntsville was off work as well as her kids & hubby. She's going to try to get in tomorrow as her patients need their therapy, but teacher hubby & kids have another free day! No sled, no snow shovel..who would think you'd need that in Ala!!

by judybell 10 Jan 2011

It is pretty, but can get to be a problem when it gets like that. I'm in KY and in Dec. we had so much snow and ice, wasn't fun after awhile. Of couse when we were younger we didn't think to much about the big snows we had in OH. and WV. Age plays a big part in how much we enjoy it I guess. Stay warm and safe. Judy

by dlonnahawkins 10 Jan 2011

Brr - that looks cold. My company had a lot of branch closings today because of the weather. I work with all of them from California to up into Virginia and Maryland. Florida did not get the white fluffy - just a little rain.

by shirlener88 10 Jan 2011

Stay warm. *4U

by noah 10 Jan 2011

wow welome to my world we have tons of the same white mass LOL carolyn

by lbrow 10 Jan 2011

I know, I know, We have 7 inches on top of ICE & I'll not risk even going on either porch, they were covered with ice before all the snow. The wind was blowing like mad so all the sleet blew in under the roof on the porches. My SIL said if power went off He'd load me up in the bucket of the Kubota (LOL) & take us up to their house. He has a generator, but right now we are fine.

by jrob Moderator 10 Jan 2011

Looks like mine here in N.Ga.! Just praying that we don't loose power,and water. We are prepared for that though if it happens. I guess after you live through 8 days of no water/power you learn to get prepared! (1993);)

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lbrow by lbrow 10 Jan 2011

Isn't that the truth Jerrilyn, I'll never forget the blizzard of 93 in this area. We also went almost 2 weeks with no power or water. I buried all my frozen food in the snow to keep it frozen. Lol/Lillian

by mel08 10 Jan 2011

Here is the birdbath

shirlener88 by shirlener88 10 Jan 2011


kalinelson by kalinelson 10 Jan 2011

Good gracious what a lot of snow....I live in SW Georgia and we had alot of ice on the ground this morning....stay warm.

designgirl by designgirl 11 Jan 2011

That's alot of snow for your area.