by quilter124 07 Jan 2011

to tighten with fingers then use screwdriver & give a little turn, but just before Christmas I had my needle to just fall out in the middle of a design. Didn't break the needle, or cause any damage at all. I just stopped machine, put needle back in and sewed on to the finish..... My Question is: have any of you had your needle fall out for now reason and what happened....thanks for your answers.


by pcteddyb 10 Jan 2011

I have had this happen MANY times. It has caused some damage to the thread slot right by the needle (like it pushed it back so the thread does not stay in anymore). I have a Brother (which is just like a Baby Lock). I use my fingers because my repair guy said don't screw too tight or use a screwdriver... but if I don't screw it tightly the needle falls out. I never use the same needle - I cut the thread and change the needle because it bounces all around and I am afraid it may be bent a little or otherwise damaged. Go through WAY more needles because they fall out rather than wear out. I have not ruined any project - yet - I back it up some stitches and restart after putting in the new needle and rethreading.

by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

thanks to all of you cuties for helping me find out that I am not the only one that has had this experience now.....goes to show you that you are never to old to learn new things and ways to handle it so it won't happen again, hopefully.....

by beatie58 07 Jan 2011

Thanks for asking this question I see you have lots of replies. I have never had that happen but you never know when...Hugs Sally

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

me neither until now....and I hope it never happens least now I know I am not alone...thanks.

by hightechgrammy 07 Jan 2011

Wow, so much to know about tightening the needle. I did have a broken needle holder. I had to get the broken needle out with pliers. The stitches were ugly and the bottom thread showed on top. It was replaced with my service policy and sews much better now. I don't have very much strength in my fingers so I use the screwdriver and don't tighten too much now. But, I do tighten the foot pretty tightly, as it does get loose. I have a magnet that has saved the day finding those little needle points. Thanks for all the advice! Love those flowers!

quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

thanks for sharing...maybe it was flawed in the fist place the reason it didn't work right for you....thanks for sharing.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 10 Jan 2011

I had purchased my machine on eBay, and although I got a great price, I found lots and lots of little things that needed fixed. It came with the wrong feet, the wrong hoops! It had been a demo in a store. I don't think I would buy a used machine again, as I ended up spending what I would have from a dealer and would have had a repair policy. IN the end, I had it all fixed and then got the policy! Now it is a dream machine! Brother ULT 2003 - Wow!

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Jan 2011

Yes a needle has fallen out and as with you I stopped the machine and put another one is and went on sewing. I tighten the needle by hand then lightly tighten it with a screwdrive. Great emphasis on lightly

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

that is what I do, but it didn't work on this day and I did NOT change needles as it was still threaded so stuck it back in and away she went.....didn't even break the thread....thanks...

by sewmom 07 Jan 2011

Yes, the needle has fallen out and I wasn't sitting at the machine so it was a big thread mess. It can also break the needle if it's partly out and the machine keeps going. I was originally taught by the dealer to tighten with the screwdriver too. Now I still use the screwdriver but not as tight as I used to.
My needle bar has broken twice from tightening too much apparently. I didn't know at the time but the clue that my needle bar was going to break was that I could not unscrew my needle correctly. I would unscrew it and then I would have to use pliers to pull the needle out. No one told me this was a clue I just figure that's what happened so....
I remember calling the dealer and telling them I had to use the pliers but they just said, "Oh, the needle might get stuck sometimes."

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

So sorry to hear your adventure with this...I have been sewing over 50 years and not had this problem but will keep it in my mind.....goes to show you that not all dealers know everything....thanks.

by blueeyedblonde 07 Jan 2011

I have always just used my fingers. Once I didn't have the needle in properly (I think it wasn't in high enough) and it fell out - no damage.

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

good for you and no damage...thanks....

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Jan 2011

I just recently only used my fingers to tighten the screw and the needle fell out. No damage. I happened to be right in front of the machine. I will use the little screwdriver in the future and give my athritic hands a little more strenght.

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

thanks for sharing.... apparently this is pretty common in embroidery machine....
my hands are getting like yours so I have to use screwdriver.

by sdrise 07 Jan 2011

Yes happened to me because I did not tighten the needle enough. No damage I was there and just put it back in and continued. Suzanne

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

thanks, we are not alone as I can see.

by clawton 07 Jan 2011

Haven't had that problem. However, once when chnaging the needle I droped it and had terrible time retriving it. Ever since that I use the gaget that came with the machine that has a hole in it to help with getting it into the right place and you can't lose it. It also is great getting finger into that area more easily. I believe Viking calls it a button reed. It is useful bridging other thick seams.

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

that sounds Bernina has one of those and used it so much but my Janome does not have that little tool. thanks...

by tippi 07 Jan 2011

I have had this happen to me. I just didn't tighten the screw enough.

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

thanks, at least I am not alone.....

by jrob Moderator 07 Jan 2011

My Bernina doesn't have a screwdriver slot intentionally so that you can't strip it by overtightening. I haven't had it fall out, but I always tighten it with a Rubber Finger Tip. I purchased a box at the office supply store. I also use them when I have cut a stack of fabric and need to seperate as I'm sewing and it keeps them from sticking together. I used to use them when I worked in Finance to count money, especially new bills.

chenille by chenille 07 Jan 2011

This is a great tip! You should send it in to Emb.Library.
Hugs, Nadyne

asterixsew by asterixsew 07 Jan 2011

Hey what a brilliant idea

quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

I have used this finger tip before...I have a box now half full so I need to get them out again...thankss

by leenova54 07 Jan 2011

I can't get my fingers in there well enough so I have to use the screwdriver. Just don't over tighten.

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

sounds good to me.....thanks....

by mariahail 07 Jan 2011

Me!!! nothing I have to take it out before doing any sewing, it went down the little hole, now I never change needle unless I have fabric on the hoop.****

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011


by jofrog2000 07 Jan 2011

I have RA, and my hands don't have the oomph they used to, so I do put the screwdriver in the notch and turn very carefully just to make sure I haven't left it loose. I get needle breakage when the thread gets caught. (Funny how with my old sew-onlu singer, the thread breaks, not the needles) therefore, I always wear my glasses when I sew, I have had the broken pieces fly out.

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

I know what you mean..I don't think I have one ever go to the bobbin area, always flies out or still on the thread is my usual thing....had one on another machine pop out and hit my eyeglasses one day at school....thank the Lord I had them on.....

by bevgrift 07 Jan 2011

Yes this can happen with all the vibrations.
The thing to do is tighten the needle periodically and to get it just right, not too tight that you can't get it undone for next needle change.
From Bev

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

thanks....apparently that is what happened and I don't have a problem with getting it off for the next the little extra is for the vibrations...thanks....

by lilylady 07 Jan 2011

I had adealer tell me same thing, he said just tighten with hand.

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

ok...maybe different machines, different thing....

by basketkase 07 Jan 2011

Not fall out, but I have had it break and the machine kept going ...what a frightening sound that was............

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

I can just imagine...thought everything was lost didn't you....???

by ramona 07 Jan 2011

No, I haven't had any problems. Keeping my fingers crossed. I do as your dealer suggested and take that last little snug with the screw driver.

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011 too.

by airyfairy 07 Jan 2011

Thank goodness I have not had that happen. In future I will use my screwdriver but just not overdo it. I am pleased that you did no damage either to your machine or project. Sarah.

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quilter124 by quilter124 10 Jan 2011

me too....after 50+ years of sewing this was a first....