by mooie24 06 Jan 2011

would make them very expensive.. I believe I am reading that

its a one of payment buts its over £100..
I have seen other designers also statiing the same licence is required on some of their designs...
can this be right ??
I wont purchase any of these designs unless I am sure
I can use them.
Can anybody shed some light on this for me please
Thank you
Big hugs from London
Maria xx


by jofrog2000 06 Jan 2011

I would contact Graphics and Graphics. Green Bee designs just told us that they have changed their policy with the designs she has created from their graphics. Don't know if that will extend to others.

by alexgrandma 06 Jan 2011

What I read was this design is for personal use only. You can not sell the finished product unless you purchase a license from Graphics. That would be expensive if you are selling items.