by bettyboop13 04 Jan 2011

I can't find a place to vote for the rest of the Christmas Font. I have up to t are we going to finish it???


by colonies1 05 Jan 2011

patients they will come I am sure

by kttyhwk4 05 Jan 2011

If you can't wait purchase the completed alpha pak. Otherwise please be patient after all they are gifts.

by mops Moderator 04 Jan 2011

Well, this question has been asked at least once a day for days now. We'll just have to be patient, they will undoubtedly come.

by neuza 04 Jan 2011


by sarahj 04 Jan 2011

When I click on the design and then it goes to the next screen is where you vote BUT there is no "U" to vote on. I hope they put it up before TOO long.