by anna25775 27 Feb 2008

Is there anyone of you who has any experience with embroidering on paper please? I'd love to try to embroider directly on paper to make Easter cards. What type of paper do you use? thanks


by anna25775 27 Feb 2008

thank you all for all your answers, they are very helpful. I will check the site and the tutorial you suggested silver and then try to give it a go next week...... must finish my easter bowls first. flowers to all of you and thanks again!

by mumra 27 Feb 2008

I made all the place cards for my nephew's wedding on a card stock matching the bridesmaid's dresses. fourteen in all. The designs I used were specifically designed for cards. They turned out lovely. I used a medium weight stabilizer and used adhesive to place the card. I then made fancy corners and glued this card to a slightly larger white card that would hide the back of the embroidery and provide stability so the cards would stand up. You can not have a dense design as it will cut the card and it will pop out. Otherwise it works extrememly well. go for it.:)Edie

by diannem 27 Feb 2008

Hi All...Just did an evening in our town with the local Sewing shop making cards.. :-) We used sticky back stabilizer...(so the paper doesn't get hooped) and textured papers...any kind..handmade or craft paper..I think also the secret is to use simple Redwork too dense would break the paper..and simple lettering as not to tear the paper..when finished we either cut or tore around the design and glued to the front of a blank card...
Any machine needle will do no need to use an embroidery one..
Can also use the same method with Very fine Balsa wood and use to personalize those craft boxes by glueing on to the"Treasure Box"...Hope this helps..
Cheers and best regards from Dargavlle New Zealand

by shirlener88 27 Feb 2008

Anna, do as silver suggested - read up on it and watch a couple video's if you can. I have made cards and have used pre-made and also card stock - with a simple design - redwork is great - I have used a good heavy cut away and a tear away stabilizer - so it is really up to you to test it out - to get the results that you want - I have used a small needle - as to not punch too big of holes in the card stock, as well. The only way that you are going to know if it works - is try it out - if it doesn't - try another - if you enjoy the finished item - then please scan a picture of it and share it with us and how you did it. A flower for you.

by silver 27 Feb 2008

I have not tried this type of project yet but I just saw an interesting tutorial and a project guide at a site I visit fairly regularly.

There are magazines and articles galore but I saw this neat book at Barnes and Noble. I think and will probably have it too.
'Machine Embroidery on Paper' ISBN# 9780896893023

Good Luck!

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 27 Feb 2008

Silver, great info - a flower for you!

by lace 27 Feb 2008

Hello, I have done this with simple designs. I hoop 2 layers of tear-away stabilizer, then lightly use a glue stick dots to top layer of stabilizer and gently lay the cardstock on thislightly mark center of cardstock for design area. Then stitch out as for medium weight fabric. Parchment design cardstock is a nice background.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 27 Feb 2008

A flower for you.

by brendaleas 27 Feb 2008

thanks for asking this, I have offer whated to do something on paper but don't know how, do we use a backing or not? what size needle?
Can we use any kind of paper, typing, card stock?
Thanks, Brenda lea