by mommajo 02 Jan 2011

Please bear with me as I try to figure out how to send photos so everyone can see them.


by clawton 03 Jan 2011

Love it!

by rmj8939 03 Jan 2011

This is lovely.*

by neuza 02 Jan 2011

Just Beautiful!!!

by oaro 02 Jan 2011

very nice

by shirlener88 02 Jan 2011

great job!

by dlonnahawkins 02 Jan 2011

Oh, how cute - and I have the perfect material for the backing on one of these. LOL - I just found some soft flannel with elephants on it in my stash. But - no little ones to stich for now.

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mommajo by mommajo 02 Jan 2011

I too do not have any little one to sew for but I just make them for me because I enjoy doing it. I was lucky when my best friend told me that she had a grand child on the way and it happened to be a little boy. Seeing I made one for each of his sisters I could not leave him out. So not only did I enjoy doing it, I was able to give it to some one who will like it.

by joann1 02 Jan 2011

I like it. Thanks for sharing.

by caroldann 02 Jan 2011

That is just sooo cute! Wonderful job!

by pcteddyb 02 Jan 2011

VERY nice!