by celticlady1031 01 Jan 2011

I know I'm a bit late but I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I sure hope it's better than 2010. Here's to 2011!


by sewdeb 02 Jan 2011

Thanks and may 2011 bring you ever blessing it has to offer. As for 2010 - both DH and I became unemployed - but we became grandparents - so I'd say we're in the plus column! ;-) *'s for all

by meganne 02 Jan 2011

Thanks Mickey and I will pray for 2011 to be a GREAT year for you, I know 2010 was tough.

I can't complain at all. I am grateful to still be alive when, according to my Oncology team, I should not have been.
I have a wonderful husband that I waited a lifetime to find, I have 3 gorgeous Grandchildren, 1 wonderful Son and Daughter in law, 1 Son who pushes my buttons to their very limit and who I pray will one day .... (no, we won't continue that thread).
I have three beautiful cats that I love beyond measure and a dog who also pushes me to the limit, (funnily enough she is a Gemini like my troublesome Son, hmmmmm!) and I have a 91 year old MIL to remind me what I'll be like in another 30 years. LOL!!!! (GEE, I HOPE NOT!)
I have one VERY BEST friend whose companionship I treasure and enjoy almost as much as my Hubby's and I have a family of online friends whose caring, sharing and support never ceases to amaze and delight me.

What more could I ask out of this second chance at life?

That I can help others whenever the opportunity arises, that I curb my sharp tongue and be mindful of things I say without thinking first, that I take time out every day to enjoy and wonder at all God's creations surrounding me and that I never forget to say thank you for all the blessings I have been given.

My life's motto has always been the Serenity Prayer but there are many others that run through my mind when I am troubled or going through a rough patch..........

It does us good to remember some of these .....
"Every cloud has a silver lining"

and some need to be changed... "all good things come to those *****who go out and work for them" (my version LOL!!!)

My favourite song: "You'll Never Walk Alone" by Gerry and the Pacemakers
is my biggest inspiration when I need uplifting.

Heavens! what started this??? LOL!!!

Laugh, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may diet!!!

Hugs n love, Meganne

by greysewist Moderator 02 Jan 2011

Gee, I hope someone can say they had a great year in 2010. I must say mine was pretty good! My kids (teen boys) are both becoming a bit older and more independent, plenty of work for me and I work from home so not much travelling involved, I 'borrow' a dog (foster dog) when I want to have a pet around, have a very nice man that still puts up with me after almost 2 years -pretty good indeed, here, and I'm enjoying 'looking on the bright side of life'!

by leenova54 01 Jan 2011

Happy New Year to you too! We need a better year!

by 02kar Moderator 01 Jan 2011

Thank you and a happy 2011 to you

by shirlener88 01 Jan 2011

Happy New Year Mickey - yes, let's make 2011 a better year. *4U