by bettyboop13 30 Dec 2010

HELP I still can't get my loaner Designer 1 floppy to take a design. I have embirds and the 4d organizer that came with my Topaz30. I have Tried every format all I get is File not found. HELP


by stitchinkate 30 Dec 2010

You need to take it into a disk manager in your software and write it as a shv format. This process makes the floppy readable by the D1. In 4D you should open the software, click on accessories, disk manager...load the designs you want into the available spaces and click on write disk.

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eastwitch2 by eastwitch2 06 Jan 2011

Yes you would have to use the Disk manager program to write the designs to the floppy in the SHV format which is the format that the Designer 1 uses.

You can bring in any format design other than the ART format into the Disk manager program and when you click to write to the floppy disk the program automatically puts the design on the floppy in the SHV format.

Disk manager program should be located under Accessories in 4D.


by shirlener88 30 Dec 2010

BettyBoop13, if I remember right - you have to take it into the Quicklink and down to the Accessories and over to the 4D Disk Manager USB and then you have to get the file from the location on your PC (get as many as you think you might need - you have all sorts of space that you can put on the floppy) and it formats it for the Designer I on the floppy disk when you click on the UP Floppy ICON - try it and see it that helps.

by ramona 30 Dec 2010

Have you tried rebooting your machine? I don't know. Maybe something is just stuck?

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bettyboop13 by bettyboop13 30 Dec 2010

Thought of that first thanks . Thats the problem with loaners this machine is old it still uses a floppy lol