by cicadamn 29 Dec 2010

Looking for a Baby in a Flower to embroidery


by evajungermann 30 Dec 2010

OESD has a set named Garden Babies. Reminds of Anne Geddes style.
Matter of taste ;-)

by ansalu 29 Dec 2010

Just found some on but you always have to watch the prices. Maybe there are some at a better price at ;o)
Greetings, Bettina

by ansalu 29 Dec 2010

Some kind of a baby in a hand has Sick-designs.
Found a lot of babies in peas, on clouds, lying on a moon or in a basket but none in a flower (just some fairies or angels). Maybe there is one at one of the shops at Oregon PatchWork but I didn't get through all of them :o)
Greetings, Bettina

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cicadamn by cicadamn 30 Dec 2010

Thank U all so much. I found one that will work in SykDesigns

by dlonnahawkins 29 Dec 2010

Vermillion has some called Flower Babies - no free but very good embroidery.

by cicadamn 29 Dec 2010

Thank you all for help. Would also like a hand holding a Baby if there is one?

by trovato 29 Dec 2010

try these, I saw one today but forgot where. Try to find, good luck, Yvonne

by gerryvb 29 Dec 2010

sorry didn't see any. But back to top.

by gg2009 29 Dec 2010

Sorry ... can't help, but ttt for someone else who may be able to answer this. Good question.