by ruthie 22 Feb 2008

Everyone with Janome machines, if you have a giga hoop you can do all of the hummingbird window designs in one go, thus eliminating having to line up each of the 4 designs as you stitch. Have fun.


by cutiepie 22 Feb 2008

Boo hoo. I don't have this hoop, nor this machine. I just have to do the re-hooping as best I can. =[ However, thanks for the info. =]

ruthie by ruthie 22 Feb 2008

Oh, I feel so sorry for you - having to do it the hard way, here's a flower for you cutiepie, have a terrific day.

mops by mops 22 Feb 2008

Hope you find the time to stitch this out, cutiepie, it looks so gorgeous. And being a selfconfessed perfectionist I bet it will not show you had to rehoop! Take care of yourself. Hugs and a flower.

by raels011 22 Feb 2008

Thanks for that I don't use my giga hoop very often. I don't think I use it to the best of my ability as I am not sure how to use it properly

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ruthie by ruthie 22 Feb 2008

Raels, find out how to use that giga hoop, it's so simply to use, next time you go to town ask your dealer to give you a demo, it's fantastic, I use mine all the time. A flower for you.

by mops Moderator 22 Feb 2008

Thanks for pointing it out, Ruthie. I don't have a Janome, but a Designer that can take to at a time and another that has a 20x24 cm hoop that's just big enough. Give it a try as soon as I can! Flower for you. And may the first one to finish post it!

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ruthie by ruthie 22 Feb 2008

A flower for you mops, I'm dying to try it, but have visitors coming for dinner tonight, so will have to wait. You enjoy that trip!