by modo 21 Feb 2008

How do you give flowers to other people?


by tmbache 21 Feb 2008

Here comes another flower your way to you. Are you having fun giving flowers to all your friend? Makes me happy to give flowers to total strangers but not strangers any more. Anyone who sews knit embroiders or does crafts in general would be a friend o mine. Oh what the heck!!! Flowers to all you lovely gorgeous people here!!!!

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modo by modo 22 Feb 2008

thank you for the flower yes it is fun to give and receive, one for you and others that answered me

by clawton 21 Feb 2008

Doesn't it make you feel warm inside to give flowers!

by shirlener88 21 Feb 2008

We all love the flowers. Here is one for each of you.

by jrob Moderator 21 Feb 2008

just click on the orange flower out beside their question or comment or name or project and when it turns gray, you have give a flower away! Here comes one now! ;)

modo by modo 21 Feb 2008

thanks I will try one for you

modo by modo 21 Feb 2008

yes it works

jrob by jrob 21 Feb 2008

thank you very much, it is lovely!