by dbwether74 21 Feb 2008

OK--am I missing something. I thought after the Berry Font was finished, they were running the BugFont. All I see is the repeat BerryFont. Am I not looking in right place? I LIKE IT>


by freida 21 Feb 2008

They usually do this for a few days before beginning a new font. Gives folks a chance to get the ones they have missed.

by izzy 21 Feb 2008

For some reason they are repeating the berry font again. I do need the X, I'll probably miss it when it comes up LOL. Here's flowers for everyone :o)

by ruthie 21 Feb 2008

dbwether, looks like everyone else has beaten me to answering, so I'll just give you a flower and say a big welcome, good to see you here.

by qltrjudy 21 Feb 2008

Tee Hee, that is WHY we join, and get our membership, they are TEASING us. GOOD ADVERTISMENT, and they certainly share enough wonderful designs. I am ALMOST done downloading my designs from joining...YEAH, Judy

by jrob Moderator 21 Feb 2008

You were correct in your thinking, the Berry Font did make a complete run as a free alphabet. The bug alphabet, however, is not free. Only the "A" is going to be free. It was given as free for you to test sew and see if you like it. There are certain things on this site that are for sale only, and that is the way that "Cute" makes a living and pays the bills. So if you really love it, you can buy a membership for $29.95 (that's only about 4 bucks over purchasing the entire alphabet at $1 ea.) plus you get EVERYTHING on the Designs, Redwork, Alphabets, and Lace AND everything for the next 6 months. I have not been able to find a better deal, and trust me I have looked. I really enjoy my membership, because I have not sewn out 1 design from this site that was not perfect. Welcome and I hope you enjoy! ;)

by clawton 21 Feb 2008

Hopefully someday they will be available. I like them also. Right now we are trying to help others collect designs they missed while we are given the chance.

by dlmds 21 Feb 2008

dbwether74, This just means patience [I am sure these sharing, talented people also have other responsibilities, as we all do.] We are the lucky one, because you will come and write us more often. Hugs, and flowers

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sheilainoz by sheilainoz 21 Feb 2008

I think they are giving everyone who missed this font the first time another shot at it ... we will just have to be patient ... something I'm not always good at

by mops Moderator 21 Feb 2008

You can download the bugfont letters A - L if you have a membership or you can buy the letters for $1 each (minimum of $5). The rest of the letters have apparently not yet been digitised, but I think they will follow shortly. I hope they might come available for free one day, but the digitiser has got to make a living. Freebies are there to wet your appetite and show you the quality of the designs.

by francoisen68 21 Feb 2008

I thought the same but...
I had the A and I am waiting for the other letters