by nonna57 20 Feb 2008

2 questions. What format do I download for brother?

Also I got a flower, what does it mean?


by letvia 21 Feb 2008

I have a brother and I always download pes format.
I'm not sure but I think I saw anywhere that the pec format is also for brother but how I said, "I'm not sure". A flower to help you with you collection

by dlmds 21 Feb 2008

Everyone has given you the right info. I have loaded some DST, I do not get much color in the designs, they seem to be mostly red, green, and blk. Pes is the best for me. Flowers for all. With all the caring at this site your flowers will be many. Happy your here. Enjoy

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cutiepie by cutiepie 22 Feb 2008

When you download in DST, you are going to get the design in a "standard" color order. DST was originally developed for commercial machines, and they don't pay attention to what colors the computer says it should be, but only to color stops. They would follow a color chart that would say "color stop 1 is 'Red Velvet', color stop 2 is 'Verdant Grass' or whatever. There are some newer programs that deal with DST that will assign "correct" colors, but for the most part, software will revert to that "standard" color list. So, every DST design will have the first color show as black, the second as navy, third as green, etc. Isn't that more than you ever wanted to know about DST format? =D

by tmbache 20 Feb 2008

PES,nonna UI have two and bother use pes a flower for you and hope to see you here again.

by shirlener88 20 Feb 2008

Good question and I can not make it planner than the others. But I wanted to comment - to give you a flower and watch your bouquet grow. But any time that you go into the projects or quesitons - you might see a flower - on the opposite side of the name of the person that posted - you can click on that orange flower and give it to each of the people that have commented or the one that you care to - your format for your machine would be PES. Enjoy, Shirlene

by qltrjudy 20 Feb 2008

Hi, you download PES or DST for Brother, Judy

by nglover1 20 Feb 2008

PES = brother as well as Baby Lock & Simplicity. Heres a flower for you.

by lr2008 20 Feb 2008


by ruthie 20 Feb 2008

Good answer jrob, although copying is kinda cheating, I would never do a thing like that, haha ROFL - not much I wouldn't! Welcome nonna, and have fun downloading all those freebies now that you know what format to choose, have fun too collecting and giving those flowers, and here's another one for your bouquet - enjoy.

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jrob by jrob 21 Feb 2008

I saved some of the repeats so I wouldn't have to type the same things....Not only am I getting old, I'm getting lazy! ;0

by jrob Moderator 20 Feb 2008

Flowers answer copied: " is conducting testing at this time. Flowers will be used to provide new and additional benefits to users of" They seem to be a good thing to be collecting because my bouquet surely does smell good and look pretty. As for how you get them, you get one each day (once every 24 hour period) that you visit the site. We can now get them from others on this area of the site, and also in response to questions and answers and Cudo's for projects. And that's the short answer! I'm sending you one now.
Every Brother Machine that I know of uses .PES ;)