by karenjay 21 Dec 2010

Has anyone seen the new designer at secrets of? Mohamed Elmasry of Oriental-Embroidery -isn't it unfortunate that we are wary of the name "Mohamed" after all those websites the other? Mohamed has!


by shilly 21 Dec 2010

Haven't seen this-thanks for the info. Will go there now.

by grandmamek 21 Dec 2010

Yes I did notice that.

by 02kar Moderator 21 Dec 2010

I saw the new designer and was pleased to see a Muslim join the embroidery group. I hope that new designs are added quickly. I would love to see more of the work.

by marianamin2003 21 Dec 2010

I belong to the Oriental Embroidery and have some great designs from their site. I am an American living in Egypt and was delighted to see that an Egyptian has an embroidery website. Embroidery is everywhere you look here in Egypt and very affordable to have the tailor add something for you, and yet when I show friends what I've embellished on my clothes, they are stunned that I actually did them myself.

by marymadeit 21 Dec 2010

He has some really beautiful designs.

by alidar 21 Dec 2010

I've been a member of Oriental Embroidery and Embroidery Horizons for quite some time now and get wonderful freeebies from their daily newsletter. They've got really fantastic designs :-)