by fannyfurkin 21 Dec 2010

When I made the frangipani towels I started to think, I love the frangipani flower but the best thing about the flower is the smell. So I thought I needed to make them smell like the flower, so I got some old potpourri and put some frangipani oil into it, then whipped up these little potpourri bags and wrapped them with the towels. Now the towels will smell like the flowers.


by gigi70alvarran 11 Jul 2013

Just beautiful.:}:}

by rubbecca 11 Jul 2013

I was looking for plumeria designs and came across this post. Thanks for the link to where to buy them. I just love the fragrance of these flowers! Just returned from Hawaii and the designs will be a wonderful memory of our trip.

by maryp1 27 Dec 2010

These are lovely. I love the colours. What a great idea with the little fragrant bags.

by ramona 26 Dec 2010

Very nice. Great gift!

by mariahail 22 Dec 2010

What a great idea and beautiful job!!!!*****

by dlonnahawkins 22 Dec 2010

Oh how nice - and of course - this is the flower of Aloha - but it is called plumeria - I had one growing and it actually bloomed for me, but old man winter took it from me last year. Guess I will need to go back to Hawaii so I can get more. LOL

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fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 23 Dec 2010

Donna that is very useful information, I have always just called them frangipani. I will have to add that into my description.Alice.

by pennifold 22 Dec 2010

Those flowers are my favourite - I use Frangipani lotion on my feet every night before I go to bed and in the morning after my shower! It reminds me so much of summer. We used to go to a local pub in Adelaide and they had Frangipana trees everywhere - now they are gone! Love to you and merry Christmas Alice, Chris

by beatie58 22 Dec 2010

Lovely Alice brillant idea includin potpourri...Sally

by nonna57 22 Dec 2010

Great idea Alice , I sewed out 2 towels for D yesterday, They were a pleasure to sew, Rose is going to love them , Hope to post in project later :)

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fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 23 Dec 2010

I saw your towel, it is excellent.

by oaro 22 Dec 2010

very nice little gift

by manami 22 Dec 2010

It's beautiful, Alice. I also love the smell of frangipanis.

by mops Moderator 22 Dec 2010

It's a lovely addition. I've no idea what smeel frangipani has, but the flower is lovely.

by noah 22 Dec 2010

Good idea Alice merry c/mas my friend!!carolyn

by gerryvb 22 Dec 2010

what a lovely giftset!!

by shirlener88 21 Dec 2010

Alice, what a sweet gift indeed.

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 21 Dec 2010

Thanks Shirlene, I thought it added that little something extra. I love the smell of frangipanis, Do they grow in Utah.

noah by noah 22 Dec 2010

Well Alice they don't grow in my bush& i never even heard of them lol carolyn