by dianned 20 Feb 2008

I've just made this this morning - I know it's very simple, but I'm happy with it. I bought a cheap (very cheap! £1!) photo album to keep photos of Rebecca, my new granddaughter, in; the red plastic cover wasn't very inspiring so I decided to make an embroidered book jacket and this is the result.


by judybell 31 Dec 2010

It looks great. Very good idea. Judy

by juanitadenney 31 Dec 2010

Very nice, and I really like the design. Thanks for sharing with us. Flowers for you and everyone.

by beatie58 31 Dec 2010

Dianne, it is so nice to be a grandma and all the hugs that go with this...enjoy...Sally

by mariagiannina 30 Dec 2010

Very pretty!

by gerryvb 30 Dec 2010

it's sweet.

by noah 30 Dec 2010

Well Grandmother it is lovely!!!

by oaro 30 Dec 2010

Grandma has to have a brag book You did a great job

by rwalden 30 Dec 2010

Very nice. Simple design but very pretty. Great job.

by lulu07 30 Dec 2010

Very nice idea, looks great!

by leenova54 30 Dec 2010

It is very pretty! Much nicer than the covers on those books! Go ahead and brag!

by sewdeb 30 Dec 2010

Oh how lovely. A perfect "brag book" cover!

by dilceia 30 Dec 2010

That just is pretty!!!! Yearnings of you Dianne! You walk vanished...

by smithandsmith 30 Dec 2010

very cute jacket and a great way to show off Bebecca :)
hugs Lee

by lv2sew 30 Dec 2010

lovely idea..a real treasure now...*

by mellgree 20 Feb 2008

Very pretty, I'm sure you will soon fill it with photographs.
This idea would adapt nicely to a covered knitting file cover using an ordinary A4 file, or a diary cover.
Happy embroidering

by gabribid 20 Feb 2008

it's a great idea for a gift and moves imagination for a series

by clawton 20 Feb 2008

Exellent use the the floral monogram. What a great way to show off you granddaughter.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 08 May 2008


by sand 20 Feb 2008

It looks great. A lovely idea. Please open the book and take a photo of the inner of the cover. I would very much like to see how you fastend it, it looks so nice and smooth. (Everybody please forgive me, when I use funny words.)

by jrob Moderator 20 Feb 2008

Great idea grandma! We DO love to brag! ;)

by ruthie 20 Feb 2008

Dianne you've done a really good job of this, and what a lovely way to brag about your beautiful granddaughter, a flower for you.

by sanjoy51 20 Feb 2008

How beautiful it is. I see it is mostly at the top, there is room for her birth details below it, since it is about her lifes journey. What better place to start, but from the beginning. It is only an idea, I love it.

dianned by dianned 20 Feb 2008

I'm afraid I won't be adding any more embroidery to it, if you'd seen my efforts at book-binding you'd know why! It's not a loose cover, I've actually re-bound the book and also added a removable plastic cover too, to keep it clean. (I took the cover off for the photo as it was reflecting light.)

mops by mops 20 Feb 2008

Clever you. In bookbinding I always use an iron-on stabiliser (the dressmaking variety) at the back. Makes the material better to handle.

dianned by dianned 21 Feb 2008

I didn't think of that, I just pulled it very tight and stuck it with double-sided tape on the inside of the book covers then stuck a piece of paper over it to cover and seal the edges. I remembered how to do a book cover from my schooldays (way-back-when!) when we had to cover all our exercise books with wallpaper at the beginning of every term!

by mops Moderator 20 Feb 2008

Nice, dianned, I like the monogram. I have made a couple with the text 'grandma's pride' for friends of mine who became a grandmother. They love them.