by sand 19 Feb 2008

I read something that made me happy. In the last week we have had a little youth rioth in Denmark. Now the young people have had a meeting with the policeboss. And they have stopped the burning.


by jrob Moderator 21 Feb 2008

opsang = "open your eyes". It is not proper, but a slang phrase. Perhaps that is why you could not find it. ;)

by cutiepie 21 Feb 2008

I am with you, Sand. I don't understand how people can be so violent. I want the world to be a nice, peaceful place where people can disagree and still be friends. Are we really so different? Maybe if we got EVERYONE in the world addicted to machine embroidery . . . =]

cutiepie by cutiepie 21 Feb 2008

Or maybe we would have to get everyone on this site to give flowers to. That might help. =D

sand by sand 21 Feb 2008

Yes, thats right. If you have something better to do (AND you are not treated badly by an unfair goverment or so, so you need to protest), then people wouldn't be so violent.

by dlonnahawkins 20 Feb 2008

We are glad your spirits are better - and that things are settled down some for you. I know it is hard to hear of riots and such, but we can not put our heads in the sand and pretend that it does not go on. Keep up your good work. By the way, - do you grow tulips? I have seen some of your work, and they are so pretty.

sand by sand 21 Feb 2008

No, you are right. I came to think about that latter the same day - and saw myself as somewhat naiv. I hate it, but you are right, we can't just pretend. And I try to learn my girls to act on things, cope with life. Not just pretend everything is OK, no mather that it is not OK. Thank you for the "opsang" (thats what we call it, I can't find a proper english word, but it means telling somebody to see the truth.)

sand by sand 21 Feb 2008

Tulips. I have from childhood loved flowers, particular springflowers and maybe best of all Tulips. I don't have anything, not anything at all in my garden right now. We moved to a new-build house this autumn and have to wait until spring to start gardenwork - and that is basic work, there will be a long time before we can put flowers in the ground. (But yesterday our bookshelves arrived, so the heaven looks blue and the grass will be green.)

by marjialexa Moderator 20 Feb 2008

I'm so glad to see the young people solve something by talking with the people in charge. Violence never solves anything, and innocent people usually get caught in the middle. I'm glad the Danes have more sense than to carry on rioting very long. A shame they started in the first place, but they were smart in the end. Peace to you, Sand, to your people & to people all over the world. Marji

sand by sand 20 Feb 2008

Thank you. I guess I'm a little naiv, but I really like to think of the world as a nice place, especially my own little part of the world. But I will join your wish, Peace for everybody

cutiepie by cutiepie 22 Feb 2008

Sand, I don't believe that you are naive, but rather an optimist. You expect the best of others, and are saddened when they may fail to live up to your expectations. Don't change that attitude, since it is a good way to live.

by tmbache 19 Feb 2008

So scarey, glad to hear all has been work out. Peace to you and your loved ones. Have a beautiful day and a flower to all.

by clawton 19 Feb 2008

Unfortunately there seems to be unrest in many parts of the world. We do pray that peace comes to all. We're thankful for you safety and peace of mind.

by jrob Moderator 19 Feb 2008

I am thankful for the peace you are now feeling. It is quite unsettling when there is something like that going on in your country. It is good when the young learn the ways that have worked and employ them. ;)

by ruthie 19 Feb 2008

So pleased to hear that, sand, rioting isn't good, and definitely not amongst young people. My thoughts and prayers that peace amongst them will remain, and that you and yours will be safe. A flower for you.

sand by sand 19 Feb 2008

I don't think that people was harmed. "Just" container and car burning. But it was so stranged, we usely say that we can't have riot in Denmark because there are not enough time between lunch and dinner. Even at the great rising in Europe of the poor hundred of years ago, we didn't have that. The kings mistress told him it would be better to give the people some humanrights and hospitals, so he did and we didn't have a riot. We usely talk about things. We only fight in football, so it was so strange for us to see these young people behave like that, and so nice to see that afterall they chose to do it the danish way.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 02 Apr 2008