by simplyrosie 16 Dec 2010

December 16, 2010 - How many of you gals (and guys) use the Simplicity bias tape maker? OMGosh, is it a lifesaver or what with quilting!!!! Would be interested in hearing your opinions. teri


by 1sewnsew 17 Dec 2010

My mother has one and I have been tempted but haven't taken the plunge, yet.

by killiecrankie 17 Dec 2010

I have a full set of the clover bias binder makers which I use regularly, that I bought over 10 years ago. 1/4' for stain glass quilts ,1/2' for clothes , 3/4' for binding bibs & clothes , 1' & 2' for binding quilts .As for burning your fingers while using them just remember to turn down the steam & lower the heat setting a bit. I won't be buying this gadget when I have something that works well for me.I'll use my money for something else.

by shirlener88 16 Dec 2010

I haven't gotten into the quilting mode yet - will have to wait to purchase something like that - until Iknow for use I would really use it - I know how many quilting items you have been doing - so if you enjoy it and like it - it must be great. *4U

by debleerl 16 Dec 2010

Thanks for asking. I've been looking at them but haven't decided if I want to add this to my sewing room or just keep making bias tape the old fashioned way. I only recently began using the clover gadgets they work pretty well for me. I use bias tape for garments. I'm a beginner quilter so haven't used it on a quilt yet. Great feedback everyone *4all

by noah 16 Dec 2010


by sewdeb 16 Dec 2010

Love it! No more burned fingers trying to press bias as it runs through the "safety pin on the old ironing board method".

by mops Moderator 16 Dec 2010

Haven't got it as it is not for sale here and postage and customs are high. I just cut my strips and use the Clover gadget and good old iron to fold and press it. I've seen ads and it looks great when you need large amounts!

by karenjay 16 Dec 2010

I was using my bias tape marker on Monday and my husband walked in, saw it and was very impressed. Perhaps I could convince him to give it a go - LOL

by elizabethak 16 Dec 2010

Have a Clover one bought in Canada quarter inch together with repositional quater inch tape - what a blessing. Only problem is I have got so into ME i no longer do patchwork! I only sew church stuff - and shorten pants for the pastors!

by mad14kt 16 Dec 2010

Howdy Teri!!! I L*VE it! I got one some months ago. I use it all the time when making my clothes...FIESTA ;D *2U

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 16 Dec 2010

You know Monica, I even prefer using the tape maker over using the attachments for my cover stitch machine that's "supposed" to work. This is definitely fool proof!

by jofrog2000 16 Dec 2010

Don't know quite how it works, but I just cut the width I want. Then take a large safety pin, and pin that through the iron cover from the back,leaving the finished width showing on the top plus a squootch. Fold the bias tape, put it under that pin, and iron as you pull it through. Once it's started, it will fold by itself into the right size.

by baydreamer 16 Dec 2010

use to but not any more . Easier way to due bais tape. Take the width you want and 1/4 in. seam now double it. Fold and iron in half on the wrong side sew with unfinished seam together , use 1/4 seam allowance. Now turn to the right side and finish the egde. This saves so much more time .

by gerryb 16 Dec 2010

Hey, Teri, cute new picture! Don't have the maker. My kids are always asking about what to get me..maybe I need to put that on my "list?"

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 16 Dec 2010

Oh Gerry, do! It's awesome... makes making binding so easy.

by kttyhwk4 16 Dec 2010

Don't have one so can't help but ttt.