by jkdavis1996 15 Dec 2010

My local shop suggests buzz tools b/c that is what they and several of their users own. As I spend more time online, it seems that embird is more popular with embroiderers. I am not afraid of 'techy', but just wondering if there was a reason to go one way or the other. I see that embird has a font add-on...does that replace the need for mongram wizard? Also, I see SewCat and Iconizer...really? I just want to buy software I guess I want someone to tell me what to buy. :)

How many programs are you guys using and what makes it special to you?


by jkdavis1996 21 Dec 2010

Thank you guys for your answers. I am ready to have more functionality, but just not ready to commit to one or the other. It seems that embird is really popular, but was a little tempted to go with buzz explorere b/c that is what my local shop uses. But I feel like the kindness of this site is just as...if not more so...helpful than having someone to ask a question face to face. So, maybe I'll just download a trial or two and dig in.
AGain, thank you so much for being willing to share.

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shuede by shuede 21 Dec 2010

Thanks for asking this question. I was very interested to see the answers. I have BuzzWord and BuzzXplore and really like them and have never used Embird but would like a program to split and edit. I was considering contacting the Buzz company and asking why I should choose their product versus Embird but have been too busy to do so. Good luck with whatever you choose!

by sewdoctor 20 Dec 2010

Embird is the best priced, best working program. It does soooooooo much! You can add things to it as you go along also, as you learn. I have basic embird and Font Engine, I want the digitizing studio, but don't have the time now to commit to it, so I will get that later. I don't have the Iconizer,,,,it doesn't currently work with Windows 7, although I belive Dusan is working on that. The upgrades are either free or very reasonably priced. For the money, the ease and the versitality, go with Embird. I am not associated with them, just a very happy customer. Darlene

by barbara68 20 Dec 2010

I also have Embird

by shuede 20 Dec 2010

Any other suggestions? ttt

by mops Moderator 18 Dec 2010

You are not the first to ask and there are a lot of answer somewhere hidden in these pages. Have a look under the software tag.
I own 3D - have been using Husqvarna software since 1999 - and Embird, which I have used for 2 years now.
The former is expensive, especially if you want the Pro version, which contains all modules.
Embird can be bought in modules which are a fraction of the price of the Husq sw.
I personally prefer Embird. I found it easy to use, but I had been digitising for years. I actually prefer it.
There are several free tutorials to be found on the internet, lessons to be bought, tips and tricks given.
Iconiser is a cheap but ever so useful part of Embird which I would not like to be without.

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beatie58 by beatie58 18 Dec 2010

I have embird I find embird really good...what machine do you use... I have both husqvarna Designer1 floppy version and 300e Janome...

by danababes 16 Dec 2010

The lady at my Brother dealer uses Buzz Tools (which she got a lonnnnng time ago) and likes it because you can see designs without having to unzip the files first.

However I prefer PE-Design which has the design database (a file browser, but it cant see inside zip files - the must be unzipped first). Another difference is that I can digitise with PE Design, but she isnt interested. I believe the version she got (of buzz tools) was before they separated all the different components (buzz explorer, etc).

Which software you'll want really depends on your intention. Do you only want to be able to see your designs as icons/images on your computer while rummaging for something to embroider? Do you want to digitise? Do you only want to digitise lettering? Did you want an entire digitising package, or want to be able to add to it as your digitising skills/needs evolve? Do you want the software that "goes with" your brand of machine?

I think you'll find that quite a few of us have different opinions of the software available. I'm a PE Design girl, but it came with my machine so I guess I got lucky. I've tried other software but I prefer PE Design.

Good luck choosing - its the hardest part :) xXx

by sewdeb 16 Dec 2010

Thanks for asking this question ~ I'll be interested to see what the community has to say. It's pretty confusing what software to choose and none of us have money to waste on something we either won't use or can't use.

by pcteddyb 16 Dec 2010

I also have Embird Basic and Iconizer and really like them and I am saving up for the Font Engine (it takes computer fonts and makes them into embroidery designs). I use the Ann The Gran Catalog Xpress to organize my designs (buzz tools has a similar software). I have not yet gotten the digitizing bug - hear from lots of folks that say it is WAY more complicated than you think and can have quite a learning curve. Embird has a digitizing module that I can buy later if I decide I want to try it. Good Luck.

by anangel 15 Dec 2010

I have Embird basic and its Iconizer plug-in and I do not know how I ever did without them. For the cost, the Embird basic does so much to enhance the craft of machine embroidery. One can purchase additional plug-ins as the need arises so far as digitizing (Studio), Photo Stitch, Font Engine and Alphabets (for monograming or lettering). Embird basic (approx. $120)has many features that allows you to convert formats, minimally increase/decrease designs, merge designs, print paper actual size designs for correct alignment of design on fabric, etc. The plug-in Iconizer (approx. $20) is great as it lets one view actual full color designs and info within folders, rather than just the format icons.
I love my Embird. As yet, I have not found the need for learning to digitize. There are so many beautiful designs available reasonably priced and freebies, of course. Check out the Embird website:
Good luck with your choice.