by beeboomer 16 Feb 2008

Could people please vote for the flower border, if you like it? I have been voting for it to be the freebie of the day for awhile. It always gets close but loses out. I think it is very beautiful.


by beeboomer 17 Feb 2008

Yes! Thank you everyone who voted and who commented. I feel very cherished. A flower to everyone! This is a lovely design and I can't wait to sew it out. I hope everyone else enjoys it as well.

by jrob Moderator 17 Feb 2008


by katydid 17 Feb 2008

I voted for #319628 for you. You have to bring up print chart to see the #. Hope you get it.

by marjialexa Moderator 17 Feb 2008

Ok, Beeboomer, found it & voted! I already have this and everything I want because I have a membership, but I love to help people get what they want if they can't afford it. Best of luck, I'll keep voting till it wins! Marji

by nurselilly 17 Feb 2008

off to vote for it hope it comes up for you :)

by poppet 17 Feb 2008

I can do that with pleasure a flower for you ~poppet

by ruthie 17 Feb 2008

It's my pleasure to vote beeboomer, even if I didn't like it, and I do, I'd still vote for it just for you. Here's a flower to keep you going till you get the flower border.

by tmbache 16 Feb 2008

I found it also and voted for you,good luck to you and all the rest of us who may want it and didn't know it. A flower for you in the mean time.

by raels011 16 Feb 2008

I found it on page 6 and voted for you Good Luck

by annyn 16 Feb 2008

I found it and voted for you! Perhaps tomorrow!

by missann 16 Feb 2008

I'm voting for it, too! Hope you get it as the free design tomorrow.

by jrob Moderator 16 Feb 2008

ok, got the description and if we keep adding comments below it, then it will stay on the site border and perhaps win for tomorrow! ;)

by roxsy 16 Feb 2008

I found it and voted for it.Hope it will be ofered tomorrow as a free design .God luck

by mops Moderator 16 Feb 2008

I found the one you mean and voted for you.

by beeboomer 16 Feb 2008

Thank you all, I see people are already giving votes. The one I am asking for has five flowers, a blue one in the center, a red on each side of it and a pink with leaves on each end. I think it is the only one that says flower "border." Design id #319628

jrob by jrob 16 Feb 2008

This is one of wonderful things about this "community". Everyone will help each other and in a kind way!

poppet by poppet 17 Feb 2008

Hi jrob poppet here I am voting on your desired also a flower for you coz it's fun & I see you are in here alot

jrob by jrob 17 Feb 2008

thanks and back at you! ;)

by jrob Moderator 16 Feb 2008

I'd love to vote for your favorite. Please let us know in more detail which one to vote for. ;)

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jrob by jrob 16 Feb 2008

I did go to the "tags:Flowers" and voted for the 5 different borders, so I'm sure that I got yours!

by marjialexa Moderator 16 Feb 2008

Beeboomer, if it's the flower border on page 2 between the fish & the rose quilt I just voted for it! Yes, it is very pretty. If it's not that one, please describe it further so we can vote for it. A flower for your asking, & good luck to you! Marji