by jkdavis1996 14 Dec 2010

Pic of sewing room...not mine, but one to envy -


by twee 18 Dec 2010

Wow, so much space

by noah 17 Dec 2010

We can dream!!!LOL!!!

by maryloo 17 Dec 2010

that one is on my wish list also he he

by cathiejones 15 Dec 2010

Very nice !

by ramona 15 Dec 2010

Absolutely beautiful sewing/embroidery room. Doesn't look like much work happening there though. :-)

by designgirl 15 Dec 2010

I cleaned mine yesterday, ready for any Christmas visitors that want to take a peek. HEHEHE!!!!

by stidiford58 15 Dec 2010

To be so organised!

by muflotex 15 Dec 2010

Mine is never so neat, lol. She has a lot of good tipps for hooping and specialy for viking machines. Wow what a site. Thanks

by quilter124 15 Dec 2010

she does have a great room but where is all her stuff...I have a great room too....but I have a great room of just fabric....a room of just crafting stuff and therefore, my nice sewing room is always full and has about 4 or 5 projects going at the same time and it will never be that clean again....but I love it....

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sewdeb by sewdeb 18 Dec 2010

LOL, I'm a quilter too and my kids used to refer to the room where my fabric lives as the Third Floor Fabric Store". Look out JoAnn's! hee hee hee

by sewdeb 15 Dec 2010

Oh wow, I'd never leave! Sewing Heaven! Thanks for sharing.

by fannyfurkin 15 Dec 2010

Oh my my that is neat. I have a big studio but it is not usually that neat. I will try to post some photos tomorrow, it is bed time now.

by grandmamek 15 Dec 2010

Mine could never be that neat. I always have to be looking for something. It would be wonderful to have a room like that...

by mops Moderator 15 Dec 2010

If only I had a room that big...

by moyed 15 Dec 2010

TOOO tidy to be mine. LOL helen

by mranderson 15 Dec 2010

All I can say is OMG!!

by rusimmons 14 Dec 2010

Jan was a lovely lady to work with. I have ordered several of her tapes. I learned more from her tapes than I ever learn from my dealer.
Thank you for sharing her sewing room.

by elizabethak 14 Dec 2010

Ha Ha we can all dream

by tmbache 14 Dec 2010

Sure is one to envy and a dream of every sewer. Only trouble is mine would never and i mean never look that clean and neat. Hugs and flowers