by lr2008 15 Feb 2008

I went 12 pages back and pinched all the answers to questions who didnt receive a flower..the flower fairie has spoken and pinched those who dont say thank you for posting.

be polite with flowers


by lorettag28 02 Apr 2008

You cute little fairy and flower pincher. HaHa so sweet. Loretta

by gerryvb 01 Apr 2008

how sweet of you !!!

by joaniessw 01 Apr 2008

You go girl :) I try to do that too, but didn't do much yesterday. I had comp probs lots lately so started from sq one yesterday. *4U

by iris2006 01 Apr 2008

That is what I also do, just go along the pages, it's just one click

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ruthie by ruthie 01 Apr 2008

me too iris, but I'm the real sneaky kind - you know someone's been there but you don't know who, haha!!!

by meganne 01 Apr 2008

Thank you flower fairy, I can't keep up with all the posts and projects there just aren't enough hours in each day, so I appreciate your help. cyberose for you, Meganne

by shirlener88 01 Apr 2008

lr2008, thank you and here is a little flower pinching, too!

by tmbache 15 Feb 2008

The flower fairy has spooken so listen up or she will pinch us of in the budding stag..HEHEHE Have a nice day everyone and flowers to all.

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lr2008 by lr2008 16 Feb 2008

only get a pinch if you are not polite and done give a flower to those who post on your flower for u

by clawton 15 Feb 2008

It was nice to have a flower fairy today. I sent you a flower and another message someplace. I just can't remember where now. Old age is creeping up on me. OH NO Another birthday coming up at end of the month just to remind me of that fact! Have a good day Ir

lr2008 by lr2008 16 Feb 2008

flower for you too

letvia by letvia 02 Apr 2008


by dlmds 15 Feb 2008

Thank you special flower fairie. Here is a flower for you also.

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lr2008 by lr2008 16 Feb 2008

flower for you too

by mops Moderator 15 Feb 2008

How nice of the flower fairy!! Here's one for you (and I'm sorry it can only be one, at least here).

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dlmds by dlmds 15 Feb 2008

Me too mops. One for you also.