by dlonnahawkins 15 Feb 2008

These are free standing lace angels that I have done for a couple years. I did these in metallic thread, and the one on right has a little more bling with crystals added. I love this design and have given many of these away.


by lulu07 22 Dec 2016

Very lovely, thanks for sharing.

by greytgirl 21 Dec 2016

Your angels are lovely. I have stitched this design out many times as gifts for friends and family. I love the addition of the crystals.

by lbrow 21 Dec 2016

Beautiful angels!/Lillian

by sandralane 20 Dec 2016

This is a lovely design, stitched beautifully. Well done. Sandra.

by booger 20 Dec 2016

I had this design and now I can't find it.Where can I get it again? Thank you

by ruthie 15 Feb 2008

They're beautiful dlonna, well done.

by shirlener88 15 Feb 2008

These will be a treasured gift - I love giving them away, as well - here is a flower for you.

by guimon 15 Feb 2008

very cute

by dianned 15 Feb 2008

Now THIS is the same FSL design that I've just ruined! I am so jealous!! I did mine in plain cotton, perhaps that's where I went wrong!

dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 15 Feb 2008

Try using RA 40, or the metalic. I learned that in using the metalic that I had to slow my stiches down a little. Make sure that you use the same thread in the bobbin. Flower to you for trying!

dianned by dianned 16 Feb 2008

Ah. I used bobbin thread in the bobbin and cotton as the top thread ... that explains a lot! Thank you! (Flower to you :-) )
I have managed to salvage it and will upload it to let you see how it came out.

dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 17 Feb 2008

That is not bad - we all learn from our mistakes - now some of mine have hit the trash bin - they were actually beyond saving!