by bettyboop13 13 Dec 2010

I have a question for the digitizers out there. Whats the average cost per stitch to digitize??


by meganne 13 Dec 2010

Whatever the average is, I could never charge for my digitising as no one would be able to afford to pay for the time I put in to my digitising!!!!

So I mostly give them away or request a small donation to a charity or a Cutie in need. I digitise for the pure pleasure of it and I give my designs away for the same reason.

Otherwise the standard used to be $25 to create artwork and $1.00 per 1,000 stitches. At least that is what my boss paid for our work shirts, 6 years ago before I discovered embroidery machines.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

by fannyfurkin 13 Dec 2010

I totally agree with mops, I think, but am not sure, that the cost per stitches idea stems back to when embroidery had to be manually punched and each stitch had to be put in. With automatic software it is very different. As mops says one design with 1000 stitches might take a very short time to digitize while another with the same stitch count might take all day depending on the image quality and detail etc... So I think the answer to your question is what is your time worth?

by mops Moderator 13 Dec 2010

I know several sites have costs per 1000 stitches, but the amount of time spend is not necessarily proportinal to the amount of stitches.
Satin stitch lines for instance are easy to digitise, yet they consist of a lot of stitches. Other designs maybe far more time-consuming yet take fewer stitches.
I never think in terms of cost per stitches, I estimate how much time it will take, and any way I mostly give them away.