by damaris 13 Dec 2010

Well look at the flowers 11111. Glad I got to see it. We have beautiful snow in MN. Glad I don't have to go out. Making candy turtles and peanut butter balls. Almost done Have a great day


by dilceia 13 Dec 2010

Here's another!

by jacquipaul 13 Dec 2010

Another flower for you!

by shirlener88 13 Dec 2010


by kathyjt 13 Dec 2010

Here's another *

by keeponsewing 13 Dec 2010

congrats on your bouquet... and Yummm to the turtles... My weakness, I could actually eat a whole box of Russell Stovers turtles. (and it shows too)... heheheh.

by anangel 13 Dec 2010

Hi, Damaris,
I'll let you keep the snow, and you can also have the terribly cold weather we are having here in middle Georgia the past couple of days! Our deep "South" is frigid this morning, and I am trying to get motivated to do something rather than huddle under a blanket by the fire! Think I'll bake a couple of fruitcakes, so I can begin drizzling them with a bit of wine to cure for the holidays! When I just typed that statement, I thought of the embroidery design, "I love to cook with wine; I may even put some in the food!" LOL

by cutegirl 13 Dec 2010

This is so lovely, you have the flowers and the stems now (all the ones are stems to the flowers). ^_^