by stitchinkate 11 Dec 2010

Current view through my patio door.


by mariahail 12 Dec 2010


by sewlikedawn 11 Dec 2010

It's 50' here in Arizona USA. I think it looks beautiful but very cold. Dawn

by noah 11 Dec 2010

That looks normal were i live in Northern,Ontario carolyn

by bevgrift 11 Dec 2010

I have cold shivvers just looking !!
Thanks.From sunny SA.
Hugs to keep you warm :)
From Bev

by airyfairy 11 Dec 2010

What an amazing amount of snow. It is a beautiful summer day here in SA. Keep warm. Sarah.

by lulu07 11 Dec 2010

Better to stay inside (with all the cuties)and stay warm.Lol

by chenille 11 Dec 2010

I just showed my DH your pictures. We have been complaining about shovelling EVERYDAY!! However after viewing what you have I think we will just keep silent for a while!
Hugs, and stay warm, Nadyne (in B.C. Canada)

by haydebug 11 Dec 2010

Wow, now that is alot of snow!! Hope you are staying warm.

by stitchship 11 Dec 2010

Oh, I am so glad that it is not me! I am already freezing and it is nowhere near cold enough to snow. I hope that you stay warm. :)

by leenova54 11 Dec 2010

Oh well, just stay inside and bundle up till Spring, lol.

by fannyfurkin 11 Dec 2010

Brrrr. It never snows where I am.

by sewmom 11 Dec 2010

Wow. I don't get that in California.

by asterixsew Moderator 11 Dec 2010

Thanks for the picture, hope it is not too bad

by daisy530 11 Dec 2010

Wow! But you still have power :)

by clawton 11 Dec 2010

WOW! We just got a coating of snow yesterday but it is all gone now. It did cause many accidents on the road as it got very slick. It snow of the season!

by mommadooks 11 Dec 2010

Hope it gets off the roof. Snow can be so heavy. But beautiful.

by rusimmons 11 Dec 2010

WOW!!!! Sure hope you have lots of soup on the stove.

by sewfrenzie 11 Dec 2010

Its not to terribly bad here in Central MN but down by the cities & the southern part of MN are just as bad if not worse. In the sothern part of MN the highways are closed & the plows have been pulled off the highways. Tonights expected to reach lows of minus 10 or worse. Just staying home and warm here.

by honeychyle 11 Dec 2010

BRRRRRRRR, that looks cold!

by emily16838 11 Dec 2010

Wow my husband would love that much snow. Its 80 degrees here today

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stitchinkate by stitchinkate 11 Dec 2010

He wouldn't love shoveling it, lol! I worry about the weight of it on the roof. Often times roofs collapse under it...but hopefully the strong winds coming tonight will blow it off the roofs.

by devon 11 Dec 2010

I wish I was with you! I love snow!! DeVon

by designgirl 11 Dec 2010

WOW, thats a lot of snow. Take care and stay warm. Hope it stops snowing soon. Hugs Lynn

by stitchinkate 11 Dec 2010

Should be interesting digging out of this one!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 11 Dec 2010

amazing - it sure looks cold.

stitchinkate by stitchinkate 11 Dec 2010

Sherlene...I wouldn't know...have not poked my nose out the door all day. Inside and warm is where I will stay.

meganne by meganne 11 Dec 2010

I think I would die!!! I'm claustrophobic and I don't think I could contain my panic if I was in your place. Please be safe.
teary for you now, Meg

stitchinkate by stitchinkate 12 Dec 2010

Yes, can be a bit way out the door for a few hours there. My husband and son were able to get out the door this morning and shoveled a path so at least I can get to my sewing studio, which is in a building about 50 yards from the house. It was frustrating yesterday I couldn't even get to my sewing.