by dianned 12 Feb 2008

This is an embroidery I made to hang in our village church in memory of a lovely lady from our village who died recently. She had been Sunday School teacher and Church Warden for over 60 years and although she had no children of her own, all the children knew her as "Auntie Joyce." I'm new to machine embroidery and this is the first "proper" project I've done!


by dlonnahawkins 13 Feb 2008

A wonderful tribute, and done with the heart. I see you are from Yorkshire - where 'bouts? Love that area of the UK. Good stitches to you.

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dianned by dianned 14 Feb 2008

I live in East Riding of Yorkshire - to the east of the city of Hull and right on the bank of the Humber estuary. When most people think of Yorkshire they think of the West Riding with its pretty Dales and wild Moors; here it's rolling farmland and wide open flat land reclaimed from the sea, but we have the beautiful Yorkshire coast as a bonus!

by sevels 13 Feb 2008

Dianne,very nice work and human gest.Keep going you are on right way to be master.
P.S.This is my first comment and two flowers for you.Best Regards-Dave

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 10 May 2008

Dave, so you have been around for a while - you need to post more often. Hehehe!

by marjialexa Moderator 13 Feb 2008

What a wonderful tribute to someone who must have been a lovely lady. For a 'first proper project' your lettering is perfect! Which software do you use? Marji

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dianned by dianned 13 Feb 2008

I have a second-hand Janome Memory Craft 5700 and I used the Customiser 2000 Easy Edit that came with it; as you can see, I didn't get the floral cross centred properly so I added a bit of extra foliage on the right to balance the image! I did the text first and I didn't fancy having to start all over again!

by lr2008 13 Feb 2008

very lovely...a flower for you..

by ruthie 13 Feb 2008

dianne, it's a beautiful tribute and will keep her memory alive for many years to come, and so very well done for a 'first proper project'. A flower for your efforts and thoughtfulness to someone who was evidently a beautiful lady to all.

by mops Moderator 12 Feb 2008

This is a lovely memorial to a lady who contributed so much.

by jrob Moderator 12 Feb 2008

What a wonderful tribute. I'm sure it would have made her smile.

by clawton 12 Feb 2008

Nicely done and what a great memorial. Sounds like she was special to the community.

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dianned by dianned 12 Feb 2008

She was, very special, and a great loss to us all, although at 83 it shouldn't have been such a shock. She was fit and very active until the end which was a great blessing. This memorial was the very least I could do.