by lenamm 10 Dec 2010

I printed out the template, I also put a paper on the hoop so I got an other template. They were not exactly the same size. (I can see now that this should have told me something was wrong..)

I made my fabric piece the larger size but the satin stitch was still outside the fabric in places.

I also made some luggage tags and had the same problem. So now I am beginning to think that it might not work to resize appliques..

Before I try again I wanted to ask for advice..

Well, I guess you learn from your mistakes!

I used regular interfacing for the back of the fabric before I used spray glue to attach it to the water soluble interfacing.

That worked fine. It made the fabric sturdier and easier to cut the right size. Do you usually use an iron on stabilizer for this?



by ramona 10 Dec 2010

I too cut my fabric larger and then trim after the tack down stitch. Trim but not so close the fabric will slip out from under the stitches. I have not used any material to hold the applique pieces to the item. I have done several and non have ever come off. Good luck and would love to see pictures.

by lenamm 10 Dec 2010

Thank you for the replies!

I did cut the fabric after the template I got from the print out because that was slightly larger than the stitch line on the stabilizer.

I had to cut off some fabric along one side of the book mark, which was ok, but when it came to the top and bottom, my fabric piece was not large enough!

I have been trying to learn about applique and from what I read at you are actually supposed to cut the fabric the same size as the first stitch out. I got the same advice from other people as well. If I had done that my fabric piece would have been way too small.

The book mark was quite a bit larger to start out with so the print out was for the size I had made it into.

I had used a stiff interfacing and used spray starch so the fabric wasn't going anywhere/get shorter while stitching the design.

I am going to try the design not changing the size and see if that helps. To be on the safe side I am going to cut the fabric larger than it has to be.

These were book marks so I wanted to make them quite stiff.

Someone told me about appli kay ? that sounds like a good way to attach the fabric to the interfacing.

We are going away for a couple of days so I guess both the embroidery machine and I will get a rest from sewing :)


by lbrow 10 Dec 2010

Lena I love to do applique but I always use a larger piece of fabric & trim it after I do the tack down. This way there is never a problem with the stitching being outside of fabric./Lillian

by shirlener88 10 Dec 2010

I am so sorry to hear that it didn't work for you - did you print out the fabric template from the edited version of your design or from the original design? I do as Martine suggested - cut it after I have stitched the tack down and then at times - I have been known to go back and stitch the tack down again to secure it - I recently saw something that could work with your fabric for applique, too - it was to save your scraps from your WSS - put it in a air tight bag - when you have enough pieces - you can use a small amount of water and then you just paint it onto your material - allow it to dry and then you have a really strudy starched piece of fabric - that when laundered will be just like brand new. Hope these tips help you. *4U

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ramona by ramona 10 Dec 2010

great idea!

by mops Moderator 10 Dec 2010

To begin with I don't understand why that should happen.

As for a solution: I don't cut fabric to size beforehand, but cut it back after the tack down stitch, it is a bit fiddly, but you can be sure the part is correctly fastened. This method might solve your problem.

Usually I spray starch the material to be applied and don't use Vilene or other interfacing as it adds another layer. In some cases however - e.g. for children's clothing that is washed a lot - I use Vliesofix (brand name for the stuff available here that forms a permanent bond by ironing between the background and the applique).