by simplyrosie 09 Dec 2010

I made this blanket for a friend of mine. Her daughter is almost 3 now and she wanted to use her tshirts, crib sheet, diaper, etc. to make a blanket for Avery's wall. It was a LONG effort... even quilted it on my friend's long arm.


by zedna 11 Dec 2010

How lovely to make a memory quilt!

by juanitadenney 11 Dec 2010

This is so pretty, you really did a nice job. Flowers for you and everyone. Merry Christmas!

by gigi70alvarran 11 Dec 2010

Beautiful great job :)

by neuza 10 Dec 2010

Great idea!

by ramona 10 Dec 2010

Good job! Love it. Thanks for sharing

by mops Moderator 10 Dec 2010

A lovely idea and so beautifully done. I think your friend will be delighted with it. It's always amazing how much time you need for a project like this, but the result makes it worthwhile.

by milas 10 Dec 2010

Great job, beautiful recycling...

by oaro 10 Dec 2010

great idea you did beautiful work

by dlonnahawkins 10 Dec 2010

What a great idea - and you have done a great job. This will be special for your friend and her daughter for a long time.

by airyfairy 10 Dec 2010

It really is amazing. You are a truly good friend.

by shuede 10 Dec 2010

I had this same idea and have never had the time to execute my ideas. (My daughter is already four, and the items are still sitting in a drawer!) You are a dear friend to do this project, and I KNOW how much it means to the mother! The quilt is beautiful!!

by mad14kt 10 Dec 2010


by leenova54 09 Dec 2010

What a great idea. I don't think I have the patience for quilting, or the room to lay it out!

by noah 09 Dec 2010

Well i love it & i am sure they will to !!!

by shirlener88 09 Dec 2010

This is lovely work - what a treasure of all those early memories. *4U