by dimitydarwin 07 Dec 2010

where do you get lace design cheers Dimity


by gerryvb 07 Dec 2010

go to free designs and than scroll down to lace designs.

by trovato 07 Dec 2010

there are lots of sites with FSL. Look in the freebees and look for more as that in the sites or you can try to google with free standing lace. You have already the sites of shirline and ricky. Cute has also lace desins. Yvonne

by trovato 07 Dec 2010

sorry twice

by neuza 07 Dec 2010


by rmj8939 07 Dec 2010

Welcome to the family.

by shirlener88 07 Dec 2010

Dimity, WELCOME to the CUTE family - I have a love of lace - so I purchase mine from many different sites. Which sort of lace are you actually looking for: ornaments, bookmarks, doilies, bowls, table toppers or key chains? Give us an idea - so we can pin point it easier for you. If you don't mind. *4u, Shirlene

by mpo14011 07 Dec 2010

I have both lace and free standing lace on my web site.Those designs suitable for FSL all have FSL as part of their names, so there is no confusion.
I also have FSL scattered throughout the different pages.So, have fun browsing.