by free3wil 06 Dec 2010

ed. I almost never got the screws out of the throat place so I could clean under and around the feed dogs. The screw is soooo little with a tiny hole (it is recessed). Do I need to take it to a professional to get him to loosen the screws? Thanks cuties, you are all so nice to help me out. I appreciate all of you. I know you will help me out.


by moyed 07 Dec 2010

I know I have to regularly clean the bobbin race area after taking out the bobbin case. My machine makes a weird noise if I forget and it gets fluffy. Helen

by ninalei 07 Dec 2010

I have the 270D - use a quarter to loosen the screws close to the feed dogs. Then, take off the plate, and the bobbin case comes right out - very easily. If you have to force it something is probably wrong. I use a paint brush to gently remove all of the lint that has built up. Works very well.

by danababes 07 Dec 2010

With your machine you should have gotten a little bag of accessories (or a little box that clips onto the machine as in my case - a diff model Brother - but I quickly went to research your model before offering this advice :) ). In that bag is an oval shaped piece of metal (mine has a raised line along the centre of it to help you grip this tool as its small)- this is the tool to remove those tight screws in the throat plate, and as Jo mentioned, keep the bobbin cover on while you're removing those two screws as its all too easy to drop them into the bobbin area and as she also mentions you can use a coin if you've lost that little metal oval.

Before you start, make sure your needle is raised all the way up, to make aligning the race simple once you're reassembing. Take out your bobbin, put the cover back on (some ppl also take out the needle but I dont.) Once you've gotten the throat plate off, carefully lift out the bobbin race (the black part that a bobbin drops into) and clean under it. When all the fuzzies are gone, reassemble and give yourself a pat on the back :) xXx

by mary51 06 Dec 2010

I have a brothers6500 and I do not need to take any screw out. have read the manual maybe there is an easy instruction. Good luck!

by kttyhwk4 06 Dec 2010

Can't help as I know nothing about this machine but will take it to the top for you.

by pennifold 06 Dec 2010

Good luck with the cleaning - we need to make sure that area is spick and span. I don't need to touch mine though as it is a drop in bobbin with the Husqvarna.

Love Chris

P.S. love the information in your bio - your dogs sound very intelligent!!!! LOL!! Mine sits in my doorway and sleeps most of the day. This was taken in August (it's our winter then) and she had on her winter warming coat!

kttyhwk4 by kttyhwk4 06 Dec 2010

Chris, your Collie (furbaby) is beautiful. Love her paw print coat.

pennifold by pennifold 06 Dec 2010

Thanks Bella is actually a Sheltie (a miniature Collie)from the Shetland Isles. She is nearly 12 years old!!! and loves her comfort! The coat came from a company in Queensland! I loved the paw print too. Love Chris

leenova54 by leenova54 07 Dec 2010

Ohhhh, she is precious!

by jofrog2000 06 Dec 2010

It's hard at first to get them to move. I use a quarter, no screwdriver fits in there. Just keep the cover on over the bobbin so nothing falls in there.

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ninalei by ninalei 07 Dec 2010

Jo, the screwdrivers that the scrapbookers use that are about 1" tall work pretty well, but I also use a quarter.