by janetedna 06 Dec 2010

Hi, I have just paid for 6 months membership and would like to know how I access the designs as I only seem to be able to download the freebies? jan


by jrob Moderator 15 Jul 2017

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by dragonflyer 15 Jul 2017

Hi Jan...glad you got everything all sorted out and you are downloading like crazy! Bit Welcome to our Cute Family!

by arelis 14 Jul 2017

Hallo ich möchte gern membership kaufen ,aber ich kann nur mit Visa bezahlen ,kann mir einer helfen?

rescuer by rescuer 14 Jul 2017


crafter2243 by crafter2243 edited 14 Jul 2017

Um mit Visa zu bezahlen gehe zu Paypal. Man brauch dazu kein PayPal Konto kann dann aber mit der Visa Karte bezahlen. Bitte lass mich wissen ob die Antwort geholfen hat.

by rmj8939 06 Dec 2010


by 02kar Moderator 06 Dec 2010

Welcome to our family. Have a great time downloading all of Miss Veronika's wonderful designs.

by airyfairy 06 Dec 2010

A new Cutie. Welcome - you will love it here.

by lflanders 06 Dec 2010

Go to my account in the top left corner and check to make sure that the payment has been received by the group owner. Just as soon as it is received it will show that you are a member and when the membership will expire on your records. Then, once payment is received you should be able to go to any design of pkg designs and download them.

You will receive an email when your account has been activated also. If you are like I am you do not visit your email on a regular basis and it is easy to miss the announcement. Then if you are still having problems, there is a very small "contact us" way down at the bottom of your screen on this page. You can go there and ask the owner any questions you have about your account and she will answer you as soon as she actually gets the email. can try on any design by clicking in the right format for your machine and then hit the download key and save it to where ever you want it saved. I send all of mine to the desktop and then transfere them to the correct folder that I have for the design. I hope this helps but if it does not, ask again and another person will try and talk you through it. WELCOME to Cute! I know you will enjoy it here as so many of us do! Feel free to look around and ask questions if you find something that you do not understand. There are some very smart memnbers here that are genius' on the art of machine embroidery and on computers, neither of which I claim to be! Have fun!!!!!!!!Linda

janetedna by janetedna 06 Dec 2010

Thanks for all that info, Linda. I have found out a little bit more since I posted my query and will now have a go at clicking on a design ect. Jan

janetedna by janetedna 06 Dec 2010

all sorted! I've had a lovely time downloading, what a choice,the packs are fantastic. Will definitely spend tomorrow designing something Chrismassy for my grandson. Thanks again. Jan

by meganne 06 Dec 2010

Firstly, click on "My Account" underneath your ID at the top left of the page, to access your account details. You will see three choices, click on Membership, then subscription, to make sure your account has been activated.
This may not happen until your payment has cleared which could take a few days.
You should always allow for time zone differences too.

Hugs n roses, Meganne

lflanders by lflanders 06 Dec 2010

Sorry Meganne, I took too long typing and answering the phone and when I got through and entered, you had already posted your messages. My son called to let me know that it is 23 miles an hours here, 24 degrees and a wind chill factor of 12 degrees this morning and he works outside most of the time in the Air conditioning and heating business. Have a great day! Hugs, Linda

lflanders by lflanders 06 Dec 2010

23 mph should have said