by elekurzanova 01 Feb 2008

Please can anyone say me what does mean this flower (89 flowers) near my name on this site? Why is it 89? Thanks in advance.


by mops Moderator 04 Feb 2008

And here's another one for you. How it all adds up!

by simplytrisha 04 Feb 2008

to add to your bouquet another flower enjoy the sweet smell of friendship that blossoms on this site

by shirlener88 03 Feb 2008

And here you go - one more flower - enjoy!

by marjialexa Moderator 02 Feb 2008

And here's your 94th flower Ele, welcome to the site & the Questions & Answers section! Have fun collecting flowers, we don't know why, but they must be a good thing. Marji

by tmbache 01 Feb 2008

here comes another flower in bloom to you, they are blooming faster than you can grow them. Have fun collecting them in.

by ruthie 01 Feb 2008

Wow elekurzanova, you now have 91 flowers, see how they grow! And welcome to the site.

by jrob Moderator 01 Feb 2008

That is the number of times that you have logged into this site. You can also get flowers from other members by asking questions/ answering questions, posting projects that are voted on by us giving you flowers. For now, that is all we know for sure. But here is you another flower ! Now you have 90 yeah! ;)

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sand by sand 06 Feb 2008

I don't understand it either. But now a little more after reading the comments. Well I suppose it doesn't matter that much as long as we have fun. I just "dripped" a few flowers around, hope you will enjoy them.