by minnie 01 Feb 2008

I cannot download the free letter today. Anybody know why. I need the S.


by dlonnahawkins 01 Feb 2008

I have tried several time, and have been unable to download the "S". Good luck to all of you, and we will just keep trying. I have been unable to even vote for the "S". Hopefully it will be offered again.

by ruthie 01 Feb 2008

Here are some flowers to cheer you while you wait for that freebie!

by jrob Moderator 01 Feb 2008

I hope that you have re-tried and been successful. I just downloaded it again and it worked so you probably just tried during the maintenance. ;) Here's a flower for your trouble.

by maeeast 01 Feb 2008

It may be due to a new server. There's note at the top of some pages of the website today, "Note: performing system maintenance. We are providing this notice to enable you to plan for any account administration that should take place before the maintenance period, in order to minimize any interruptions. We expect a shorter maintenance window from approximately 12-24 hours. We hope for your understanding and patience."
If you can not download the free letter now, I would try again later. Or you can buy it for just $1.00. Or, if enough people can not download it as a freebie, then encourage others to vote for it again.

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tmbache by tmbache 01 Feb 2008

maeeast, this has totally nothing to do with you answer or question here. but in comments to the free fonts we all seem to collect each day. I just love reading your comment it is always so special and neat for that letter. thanks and here comes a flower to you would like to give you a dozen but they let me give you only one. Have a wonderfull day.

by clawton 01 Feb 2008

I just downloaded the letter S and it seemed to work fine. Maybe try again later. If you saw my comment I had trouble just a few minutes ago with making comments. I had to re-log in and all my comments had disappeared.