Colors: 3 

Letter W

Design #: 614643
Price: $1.00
Design Details
Size (in): 2.52"(w) x 2.36"(h)
Size (mm): 64 x 60
Stitches: 10800
Colors: 3 Color Chart: View | Print
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w valentinesdayfont lace valentine
marianb by marianb 09 Mar 2020

thank you

Pircy by Pircy 15 Jun 2018

Thank you for this beautiful design

vtwolf by vtwolf 19 Jul 2011

Thank You

edithk by edithk 19 Jul 2011

thank you

mysugarfootswife by mysugarfootswife 19 Jul 2011


sewdeb by sewdeb 21 May 2011

Thank you for all you share with us.

flossy19 by flossy19 21 May 2011

Thank you, very nice!

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 20 May 2011

Thank you very much. Susie.

annbenner by annbenner 20 May 2011

Thank you Ann

mysugarfootswife by mysugarfootswife 20 May 2011


annbenner by annbenner 31 Mar 2011

Thank you Ann

mysugarfootswife by mysugarfootswife 31 Mar 2011


windsong1 by windsong1 05 Feb 2011

Thank you.

markus by markus 05 Feb 2011

Thank you

sewdeb by sewdeb 05 Feb 2011

Thanks so very much.

gigimaus by gigimaus 18 Dec 2010

Thank you

ladyboo by ladyboo 18 Dec 2010


trudyk by trudyk 25 Oct 2010

Thanks, I Love these FSL Hearts.. Trudy

hennypenny by hennypenny 25 Oct 2010

thank you

gigimaus by gigimaus 25 Oct 2010

Thank you

ladyboo by ladyboo 25 Oct 2010


omasimmons by omasimmons 26 Aug 2010

Thank you!

kalinelson by kalinelson 26 Aug 2010

Thanks so much.

ladyboo by ladyboo 26 Aug 2010


renee59102 by renee59102 19 Jul 2010


blasi328 by blasi328 19 Jul 2010

I only need the e.....hopefully it will be up soon....Thank you for the great alphabet!

omasimmons by omasimmons 19 Jul 2010

OOPS. Almost forgot to say Thank You.

catsnhorses by catsnhorses 05 Jun 2010

Oh goodie! another wonderful FSL heart letter. I'm still working on collecting them all. Thank you!

debcarlson by debcarlson 05 Jun 2010

thanks so much!

ladyboo by ladyboo 05 Jun 2010


rostanti by rostanti 02 May 2010

Thank you for this Wonderful blue W.

sewdenise by sewdenise 01 May 2010

Thank you.

ladyboo by ladyboo 01 May 2010


trudie by trudie 10 Mar 2010

Thank you so much. I have the complete alphabet of these pretty lace hearts now.

tatiana by tatiana 10 Mar 2010

Merci beaucoup

ladyboo by ladyboo 10 Mar 2010


mylli by mylli 03 Feb 2010

Thank you,thank you.

sigrun by sigrun 03 Feb 2010

Thank you

janinkap by janinkap 19 Dec 2009


mad14kt by mad14kt 19 Dec 2009


ell9s3n by ell9s3n 19 Nov 2009

Thank you so much.

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 22 Oct 2009


kutz by kutz 22 Oct 2009

Now I have all but the Y. Thank you for repeating this one.

robinbird by robinbird 22 Oct 2009

Such a delicate lacey W. Thanks much for your design work & God's blessings. :^D

corinney by corinney 22 Oct 2009

thanks again

darli by darli 07 Sep 2009

thank you!

anniem by anniem 01 Jul 2009

Thanks for the W, it was the last one I needed. Thanks bunches!

gg2009 by gg2009 23 May 2009

Thanks for the W.

niralana by niralana 23 Mar 2009


oaro by oaro 23 Mar 2009

Tank you

cutegirl by cutegirl 23 Mar 2009

Please I need the letters X and N. Please vote for me, please!!

cutegirl by cutegirl 23 Mar 2009

Thank you, I am so happy tha I am getting the letters that I have missed, thank you for giving it.

cuddlebear by cuddlebear 26 Jan 2009

Thank you

highlandermom by highlandermom 26 Jan 2009

Thank you

nowhere by nowhere 11 Nov 2008

thank you nowhere

bibbi2210 by bibbi2210 11 Nov 2008


jayemcee46 by jayemcee46 02 Oct 2008

thank you

darenluan by darenluan 01 Oct 2008

Thank you

freida by freida 01 Oct 2008

thank you

gabby by gabby 19 Aug 2008

thank you

cleidesampaio by cleidesampaio 02 Aug 2008


deborrahr by deborrahr 01 Aug 2008

Thank You for the W. And thank you to everyone who voted..

stitchship by stitchship 01 Aug 2008

Thank You!

deborrahr by deborrahr 10 Jul 2008

Thank U!!!

wanger by wanger 10 Jul 2008

Vielen Dank für das "W",das meine Letter ist

damaris by damaris 10 Jul 2008

Thank you

debbierussell by debbierussell 14 Jun 2008


cpope by cpope 14 Jun 2008

thank you

kalif by kalif 14 Jun 2008

thank you.

freida by freida 13 Jun 2008


scorpion43 by scorpion43 13 Jun 2008


bonita1313 by bonita1313 13 Jun 2008


sandralochran by sandralochran 13 Jun 2008

thank you

zedna by zedna 13 Jun 2008


sevels by sevels 13 Jun 2008

Thank you

gramsbear by gramsbear 13 Jun 2008

Thanks so muchly for this WWWWonderful Font. I just LOVE it, and have almost all of it now! Gramsbear...

slovenka by slovenka 13 Jun 2008


deborrahr by deborrahr 13 Jun 2008

Thank You!!

lenamae by lenamae 13 Jun 2008

thank you

a1lotte by a1lotte 13 Jun 2008

thank you

wilder by wilder 13 Jun 2008

thank you

hunybear1 by hunybear1 13 Jun 2008

Thank you.

naehfee by naehfee 13 Jun 2008

vielen dank

remko25 by remko25 13 Jun 2008

danku tot de vogende reeks

maeeast by maeeast 13 Jun 2008

Thank you for the W. It will be great for my grandson, William.

remko25 by remko25 01 Jun 2008


juanitadenney by juanitadenney 06 Apr 2008

Thank you for this Wonderful W.

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