by pasister 28 Jan 2008

FiveStar fonts monograms, the "J" was a freebie that someone previously commented about. These are Valentines Day presents for two of my grandchildren. My 6y/o grandson has autism and this symbolizes his struggle to reach for the stars every day.


by ezzemml 20 Apr 2008

These shirts are wondeful. I have a son who is downsyndrome ane also has autism.These Kids are Gods special Children just as all children are. You have made lovely shirts for 2 lovely Kids. God bless.

by blessinge 20 Apr 2008

You did a beautiful job on the tees. I bet your grandkids love wearing them.

by shirlener88 20 Apr 2008

Very sweet. *4U

by marymoore 20 Apr 2008

love these shirts just great may i ask you a question tho what are the signs of autism i am just concerned about one of my children

by pafhen 19 Apr 2008

You did great. Love the designs

by simplyrosie 19 Apr 2008

These came out ver nice... good job!!!

by simplyrosie 19 Apr 2008

These came out ver nice... good job!!!

by lbrow 19 Apr 2008

Great Job! I know the kids loved them. Have had friends with autistic children & it is indeed a struggle everyday for both child & Parent. My prayers are with you & yours

by namsy 19 Apr 2008

Love the designs! Please share the web site where you got them...Thenks!

by raels011 28 Jan 2008

My 6 y/O grand daughter also has autism Best wishes and keep smiling

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pasister by pasister 28 Jan 2008

Thank you, and good luck with the your granddaughter, it is such a pervasive disability and becoming more and more frequent in our kids of today...1 in 150. Hopefully we will find a solution...

by sorval 28 Jan 2008

this is verry nice
you have do a verry good job

by bonita1313 28 Jan 2008

I love your designs but I have a problem with the item you put them on. I am so sorry but I have to say this. When you put a child's name on a piece of clothing that will be visible to everyone it puts that child in jeopardy of easily being approached by child predators. Many children think that if a person calls them by name, that means they are their friend. They are then approachable. Your 6 y/o grandson is lucky to have a grandma so talented and loving. These would look gorgeous on pillowcases. I am a loving NANA myself!

pasister by pasister 28 Jan 2008

Bonita, I understand your concern, but these items are only worn when the kids are with their Mom, my daughter, and with my Grandson's disability and severe allergies, he is rarely out of sight of his parents or Grandmothers except when with his teacher. Under ordinary circumstances, I would agree with you, and we always need to be thinking proactively about the threats our children face in the world today.

bonita1313 by bonita1313 28 Jan 2008

You have said it all pasister! Keep smiling and loving your grandkids-they are our treasures!

by jrob Moderator 28 Jan 2008

Being a g mother to 5 your comments and thoughtfulness touched my very soul. Kai is lucky to have you (as are the others)

by mops Moderator 28 Jan 2008

I love the way you symbolized your grandson´s struggle. Absolutely fabulous. He willl no doubt be very pleased and I bet it will bring a smile to his face.