by sukiray 29 Nov 2010

Does anybody else have a problem with the "baby font -w-"? I'm trying to download it in "DST" and it comes up in"EXP". I tried several times. No such luck.



by sarahj 28 Dec 2010

Cute designs in the upper right hand corner. Finally found in on page 96 maybe a page above or below it now

by mnladyus 30 Nov 2010

I also use DST and is in EXP format, not DST. The design opened in my program. I will just convert it.

by jofrog2000 30 Nov 2010

I dl pes or vip which were fine. Here are 2 free programs to convert to dst from another so if you cannot dl what you want, you'll at least end up with it.

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sukiray by sukiray 02 Dec 2010

Thank you Jo for your response. I checked out the website. I'm OK now. Thanks.